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Trolls mock health-conscious Lucy Mecklenburgh’s ‘bizarre’ breakfast

She likes a twist on a classic

You don’t get a figure like Lucy Mecklenburgh’s by eating burgers and chicken wings – you’re much more likely to consume stuff that make the less diet-conscious among us go “Ermmm”.

To prove that very point, the former TOWIE star has posted a picture showing her followers what she likes to snack on.

In the selfie, 26-year-old Lucy is seen with a boiled egg, using carrot sticks and peppers as soldiers!

And the bread-less breakfast has been met with derision by online trolls, who feel the Essex lass is taking healthy eating too far.

Lucy delves into her healthy snack (Credit: Lucy Mecklenburgh/Twitter)

The brunette – who has her own fitness business, Results With Lucy – tweeted that she was taking part in a special campaign.

She wrote: “I’m joining British Lion eggs, attempting to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most people dipping egg soldiers simultaneously.”

Which is all very well except, to most people, soldiers are small slices of toasted bread, not crunchy veggies.

And it didn’t take long for critics to jump on what they considered to be a foodie fail.

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One scoffed: “That’s not a soldier, love, that’s a vegetable. You have no business dipping a carrot into a dippy egg.”

Another concurred: “OMG, what the hell is wrong with her??! DIPPING A CARROT?!”

The former TOWIE star is renowned for her slender figure (Credit: FameFlynet)

And a third mocked: “Raw carrots and peppers dipped into an egg??? It’s not a hummus-eating contest!!!”

Lucy’s food fad comes in the same week that Victoria Beckham was ribbed after revealing on social media what she has for breakfast.

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Posh’s morning munchies include whole-grain cereal with organic unsweetened almond milk, plus a couple of tablespoons of apple-cider vinegar.

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