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Rose West & Myra Hindley with Trevor McDonald: Viewers praise ex prisoner for punching child killer

The former prisoner said she was applauded for punching Rose West

Rose West & Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story with Trevor McDonald viewers have praised a former prisoner for ‘knocking out’ one of the notorious killers.

The ITV documentary, which aired last night (Monday, September 21), featured a woman named Julie McAllister who was in Low Newton Prison at the same time as Rose West.

Sir Trevor McDonald described how West had a terrible temper, which often caused friction with the other inmates.

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The Rose West and Myra Hindley documentary, hosted by Trevor McDonald, aired last night (Credit: ITV)

What did the ex-inmate say on Trevor McDonald’s Rose West documentary?

Julie was in jail on a firearms offence. She said: “I was in the dining hall and Rosemary West came in and she asked to sit at my table. I said, ‘No, you can’t’ and she actually spat on us.

“She was standing in the queue, talking to the prisoners about how she’d cook them cakes. I tapped her on the shoulder and I punched her straight in the face. Caught her in the eye, because you could hear the thud when she hit the floor.

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“I knocked Rose West clean out and I’m shouting, ‘I’ll do it again because I’m a mother’. And the full dining hall ended up on the tables, giving us a round of applause.”

It seems those watching at home felt the same way.

Julie McAllister
Ex-prisoner Julie McAllister was in prison with Rose West (Credit: ITV)

How did Rose West & Myra Hindley doc viewers react?

On Twitter, a number of viewers praised Julie and called her a “national treasure”. Others said she should get a medal and called her story the “quote of 2020”.

One wrote: “The Geordie who knocked Rose West ‘clean out’, give that lass a medal #rosewest #RoseandMyra.”

‘I knocked Rose West clean out’. This woman is a British national treasure.

Another put: “That woman saying she knocked Rose West clean out has been the highlight of this documentary #RoseandMyra.”

A third said: “‘I knocked Rosemary West clean out’. Well, I think your criminal record should be wiped clean for doing that fantastic public service. #RoseAndMyra.”

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Someone else wrote: “‘I knocked Rose West clean out’. This woman is a British national treasure #roseandmyra.”

“That Geordie woman saying ‘A knocked Rose West clean oot and the whole dining room cheered’. Quote of 2020 that,” said another, using a crying-laughing emoji.

West was sentenced to life in prison in 1995. A court found her guilty of 10 murders.

– Rose West & Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story with Trevor McDonald is available to stream now on ITV Hub

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