Shayne Ward praises transgender Loose Women guest who wanted to look just like him

The Corrie actor surprised "inspirational" Shay Robertson with a phone call on the show

Shayne Ward has spoken to a woman who chose to become a man after watching him on TV.

The Coronation Street actor appeared on Loose Women today via a video link to talk to Shay Robertson.

The mum-of-two went through the sex change process after admiring Shayne Ward from afar, but had no idea that he would be talking to the man himself.

As a surprise Shayne Ward appeared on the show to talk to an emotional Shay (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

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Shay found the confidence to have the sex change after the support from girlfriend Julie and his two children Amy, 18, and Andrew, 27.

Shayne told Shay: “Shay, when I first read your story I felt truly honoured that I somehow was able to help you make that final decision to become the person you always felt you were.

“I think you are very brave and i think you are truly inspiring.

“I wish you the best of luck for the future.”


Shay wanted to look just like Shayne Ward (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

In 2014, Shay, who used to be called Sally, changed her name, grew facial hair and then had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy.

In June 2015 Shay underwent surgery to give him a penis, to which Shay confirmed it “all works”.

Shay appeared on the lunch time chat show with his girlfriend Julie McLean, and said that she helped him through his change.

The couple, who had only been dating for a week at the time, were watching TV when Julie brought up the important conversation.

Julie told the hosts Andrea McLean, Martine McCutcheon, Jane Moore and Linda Robson that when they were watching Shayne, they spoke about how good he looked.

“I looked at her and I said ‘you want to be a man don’t you?'”, Julie said.

Shay said he’s never been happier now that he’s had a sex change (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

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Adding: “He didn’t look as he didn’t know what reaction he’d get if he said yes. He’s always kept it inside and no one’s clicked, which I was surprised at as it’s obvious.

“He’s obviously known from a very young age but it’s not something he understood.”

Shay said: “I have always felt I wanted to be a man. I liked the way Shayne’s hair was, his stubble. I admired him. I thought he was a great bloke.

“I didn’t understand what I was feeling. Nobody knew. It was only Julie who saw through me.”

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