Katie Price training for a new career…as a paramedic

The reality star had previously started medical training when she left school

Katie Price has tried pretty much everything imaginable, but the former glamour model now wants a career in the medical profession.

The 39-year-old went down a very different route when she left school, and was in every lads’ mag going, but it turns out that she’s going to train to be a paramedic.

No, you’re really not reading this wrong.

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The mum-of-five want to save lives.

Talking to Heat magazine, Katie said: “I’m training to be a paramedic. Yes, I am. It’s a five-year course and you can work and do it at the same time. I had started training to be a nurse when I left school and I love all that kind of stuff. I start the course soon.”

So she’s got her own beauty line, she’s a pop star, a Loose Women presenter, has a reality show, owns a farm full of animals, has five kids, AND is set to train to be a paramedic. When’s she going to sleep?!

The blonde bombshell is also set to release another song to follow dance pop track I Got U, and said that she wants to change it up and bring out a ballad next.

“For the next one, I’m going to vocally challenge myself even more to show what I can do, and at Christmas, I’m thinking of bringing one out for charity. A ballad – I have to do a ballad!” she said.

We look forward to that.

Last Wednesday, the former Page 3 model was on Loose Women talking about her eldest son Harvey Price.

Katie was open about her fears for Harvey (Credit: ITV)

The ladies asked him whether she would interfere with his love life when he’s older due to him being disabled, and Katie said that she was thinking of setting him up with a prostitute.

Harvey, 15, is autistic, blind, and suffers from Prader-Willi syndome, making it difficult for him to walk.

The panellists welcomed author Kathy Lette and her autistic son Jules, who also said that she wanted to help her son’s love life.

Katie then directly asked Kathy: “My son Harvey has got autism and he’s now 15 and naturally at 15 you go through puberty and it’s natural to experiment with yourself. I had read what you said you would do.

Katie wants Harvey to have as normal a life as possible (Credit: FameFlynet)

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“Your son is high functioning with autism but Harvey is the different end of spectrum, so is it fair for him to experience it [sex]?

“We sort of joked about it, and Kieran said, ‘Shall we get him a prostitute for his 18th birthday?’ For me, that’s my little Harvey and he hasn’t got a clue about those things, but what do you do?

“Should you bring it on, I don’t know in my situation, what should I do? Do I leave it or should I let him experience it [sex]?

Kathy answered: “I think you wait and see if he’s angst ridden about it and if it’s an issue for him. And for Jules it really was.”

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