Tragic singer Colonel Abrams dies aged 67

Musician was once in a band with Prince

US house and dance singer Colonel Abrams has died at the age of 67.

The musician had hits in the 1980s, with his biggest single, Trapped, reaching number three in the UK charts in 1985, but last year it had emerged that he was homeless in New York.

Colonel Abrams

His friends had launched a fundraising campaign for him to get vital diabetes medication, according to BBC.

DJ Tony Herbert announced his friend’s death on Facebook, saying he had passed away on Thanksgiving.

Tony Herbert – “Just got word that Colonel Abrams has past… | Facebook

Colonel Abrams was born in Detroit in 1949 and moved to New York as a child, with the musical styles of the big city and Detroit’s Motown hits mixing together to form his own sound.

His career involved being a part of various different groups, including 94 East which at one point had Prince on guitar, but it split when Prince became a solo star.


Music Is The Answer was Colonel Abrams’ breakout hit in 1985, which scored international success and was followed up by Trapped and I’m Not Going To Let You.

Tributes were paid to the singer on Twitter.

The GoFundMe site which hosted a fundraiser by Colonel Abrams’s friends to treat his diabetes in December 2015 is now featuring a campaign by his daughter-in-law, Carla Abrams, to pay for his funeral.

She wrote: “The family is in emotional pain, but they’re staying strong for one another. It’s never easy coping with the pain of losing a loved one.

“It’s never easy finding the right words to say for comfort.”

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Carla continued: “I wish that I could say the family is fine but they’re not. The loss of a father, a son, granddad, brother, friend, and a father-in-law burdens the hearts of many.

“I wouldn’t have took this big step if I didn’t think that you all would help, not because you have to, but because you are inspired or just want to.

“The funeral is going be held some time next week. Genuine giving is genuine giving. In this instance, genuine prayer and monetary giving is needed.

“A goal of $5,000.00 would cover the cost of expenses. All donations are considerately generous, accepted, appreciated, and heartfelt.”