Emmerdale: TRAGEDY for Chas following that comedy return

What a comeback she made

Chas Dingle is finally back in Emmerdale – HURRAH – but viewers were a little weirded out by her strange entrance…

Having been away from the village for months caring for Aaron’s stepmum, Sandra, in Ireland, she burst into Paddy and Marlon’s place and didn’t even say so much as hello before she asked Pads:

“Are you or are you not currently identifying as a single male?”

Paddy looked suitably confused, before she added: “Are you seeing anyone?”

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When he confirmed he wasn’t, Chas said “great” – before pouncing on him.

After a frantic bit of snogging, Chas pushed him back on the sofa before making some strange sort of whinnying sounds and jumping on top of him.

Odd. Very, very odd.

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Mind you, the romance between this pair has always been a little comedy – dare we say ‘panto’ at times.

But it seems we can’t expect a smooth path to happy ever after for Chase now she’s back.

Lucy Pargeter, who plays her, revealed there is “happiness, sadness, crying, joking, comedy and tragedy all mixed together” to come.

“Chas had done some thinking while she’s been away and has decided she will and does want to give it a go with Paddy,” she added.

” Paddy is amazing for Aaron, Paddy’s good for her.”

She teased drama to come at the Woolie too…

“Chas has no idea what’s been going on at the Woolpack since she’s been away.

“As per usual charity will probably and has been up to her usual antics so I’m sure they’ll be a bit off conflict and a bit of sorting out to do.

“Long term – I don’t know what’s going to happen. Who knows? Every day is exciting and every script you get is daunting.”

We can’t wait to drink it all in.

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