Harry Derbidge TOWIE

TOWIE star Harry Derbidge hits out at ‘small-minded, homophobic’ trolls criticising his decision to adopt

He's been targeted for sharing his journey to parenthood

TOWIE star Harry Derbidge has opened up about the trolling he has received for wanting to adopt a child.

Harry and partner Dean Rowland revealed they were in the process of adopting a child last November.

And, although they admit COVID-19 had a “huge impact” on their “adoption journey”, they have revealed they are “back on track and working very closing” with their social worker now.

However, opening up exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Harry and Dean revealed they have been subjected to cruel trolling over their decision to adopt.

Harry Derbidge TOWIE
TOWIE star Harry Derbidge has opened up about his decision to adopt (Credit: Splash News)

What have trolls said to TOWIE star Harry Derbidge?

It appears some have taken exception to the fact that a same-sex couple want to become parents.

Speaking as part of the #YouCanAdopt campaign, Harry told how the pair have come up against prejudice for wanting to adopt.

“It’s actually really sad that we live in 2020 and there are still so many small-minded, homophobic people!” Harry raged.

“It’s mostly from older men who tell us what we are doing is wrong. Hopefully in years to come the world will be a different place,” he added sadly.

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Dean opened up about the experience, too, and how the couple deal with trolls.

“I get lots of trolling for some reason,” he said. “We just ignore them.”

He added: “Adoption wise we have had so much support online behind us, though.”

It’s actually really sad that we live in 2020 and there are still so many small-minded, homophobic people!

Opening up about their desire to start a family, Harry and Dean said they both revealed they wanted a child on their first date.

Harry revealed: “We have both always said we would love a family and being together made us realise we want the perfect family together.”


The pair admitted they considered surrogacy but said adoption “suited” them.

“There are so many babies and children out there who need to be adopted and that’s something we would love to do,” said Harry.

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Dean added: “We feel lucky enough to be able to adopt, let alone be able to change a child’s life too.”

Amy Childs is ‘excited’ for Harry’s new arrival

Opening up about their supportive pals, Harry reveals his TOWIE star cousin Amy Childs is “so excited” for himself and Dean.

He said: “She is so excited for us! She has two babies as well who are so beautiful and have the funniest little personalities.”

Harry said his cousin Amy Childs is “so excited” for him to become a dad (Credit: Splash News)

Of the pair’s return to the show, Harry said it felt like they “never left”.

“The second we sat down for the reunion show it was like season one all over again! We are so crazy together!” he said.

And, it appears, the pair have quite the fan in Amy’s eldest child Polly.

Harry quipped: “Amy’s daughter Polly loves watching old-school TOWIE.”

Harry and Dean are supporting #YouCanAdopt, a national campaign to raise awareness of adoption and dispel some of the myths around who is eligible to adopt. To start your adoption journey and find out more, visit the website here. Listen to Harry and Dean’s adoption podcast here.

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