TOWIE star gets into a bitter catfight – and not just for cameras!

If you thought it was bad on TV, wait until you see what it's like in the real life!

Who isn’t used to watching the constant cat fights and endless bickering on the Only Way Is Essex?

But when the cameras stop rolling, the bitterness and feuding is just as ferocious.

This week show favourite Danielle Armstrong was reportedly kicked out of a nightclub after she got into a fight with her ex’s new girlfriend.

According to onlookers, glam Dani got into an almighty scrap with James Lock’s girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou, after Yaz found her dancing provocatively beside him.

“James Lock and Yazmin were sat on a table and on the opposite side was Danielle, Jess Wright and Ferne McCann,” a spy at the Sheesh restaurant has revealed.

“Yaz went to the toilet and Dani started dancing in front of Lockie, she was bending over and twerking.

“Yaz came back and started arguing with Dani, she said something to Lockie about Dani being a s**g and Dani flew at Yaz.

“She told Lockie that he could have anyone and, ‘What’s he doing with her?’”

During the savage spat, Yazmin took a pop at Danielle and accused her of  still fancying James.

In a tweet that was swiftly deleted, Danielle also tried to claim that Yazmin was getting her knickers in a twist in a bid to gain followers.

Gallant James tried to wade into the fight and put a stop to it before it got out of hand.

But that didn’t stop him from causing a wee bit of trouble by posting a picture with the words: “Silence says a lot more than you think” and tagging his girlfriend.

According to those close to Danielle, “she chose to leave following a situation inside the restaurant”.