TOWIE ‘reject’ latest reality TV signing for Celebrity Big Brother?

Producers are clearly after a certain quality of 'celeb'!

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In case you didn’t know Celebrity Big Brother is on its way back to our screens.

Yes, can you believe it’s almost that time of year when our summers will be filled again with the outrageous onscreen shenanigans of some of our favourite household names – and some we’ve never heard of.

Already star names such as Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear and the Reynolds girls have been tipped to appear in the next summer series.

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The latest to be thrown into the hat is an ex TOWIE star.

No, not Lydia’s mum.

It’s Danielle Armstrong. You know the gobby one with the immaculate make-up who used to go out with James Lock.

According to reports she is in negotiations with producers to sign a £75, 000 deal to appear on the show.

Danielle had been set to enter the house in January but was dropped at the last minute by bosses (charming!).

Luckily the thick skinned miss has now brushed off her disappointment by agreeing to their new offer, which would see her sharing the show with Deano from Ibiza Weekender.

“Danielle tells it how it is and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, while Deano loves women and they all seem to love him.”

Meanwhile, it looks like BB bosses are keen to fill the house with reality stars.

Just last week it was reported that Real Housewives of Cheshire star Ester Dee (below) has been offered an enormous fee to appear in the show, despite the fact no one actually watches the show.

It was said that producers had initially offered a place to co-star Lauren Simon but changed their minds at the last minute and opted for  Ester when she appeared on the show for the first time two weeks ago.

“It’s put all the other housewives’ noses out of joint cause Ester has only been on the show for two episodes and already she’s the favourite,” a cheeky source has told The Star!

“Ester has been offered an enormous fee and she certainly won’t be able to say no.”

Ester had caused controversy after she was branded a fake because she actually doesn’t live in Cheshire.

The newbie had said she was the fiancée of millionaire property developer Rob Lloyd.

However, it emerges that her lifestyle is actually being bankrolled by millionaire husband John Temple.

Lauren Simon was believed to have been in the running for Celebrity Big Brother before Ester showed up ITV.

Her husband isn’t happy about her role in the show and has kicked off in the press.

“How could the programme makers have let her do this? The whole thing is sick,” he  told the Sun.

“Ester is my wife, she doesn’t live in Cheshire, and there is no Cheshire mansion. She splits her time between my apartment in Leamington Spa and one I bought for her in Wales. The Rolls-Royce she drives is mine.”

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Ester, a former au pair, had claimed to be engaged to Lloyd, who appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire in 2009, and living with him in a ­Georgian mansion.

However, when she was caught out by show bosses, she was forced to admit it was a lie.

Whether any of these faces actually turn up in the house remains to be seen as usually when names are released so early they tend to be ditched or not actually in the running in the first place…