TOWIE fans call for “horrible” star to be fired after nasty comment

This newbie Essex lass really hasn't made a good first impression

TOWIE fans are not happy with one particular newcomer.

Viewers are demanding that Amber Turner be sacked because they’re disgusted with the way she keeps treating people, mainly her on/off bezzie Chloe Meadows.

The sassy blonde joined the show for the current series, but people haven’t warmed to her and just don’t seem to want her on it anymore.

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She is constantly stirring the cast up the wrong way, with her snide remarks and refusal to let people finish their sentences putting viewers off. Not a good first impression is it?

In Sunday night’s episode, she had words with ex Jamie Reed. His new girlfriend Jade stood there next to him awkwardly, and didn’t utter a word.

Amber kicked off the conversation, and said: “I want to nip something in the bud. You gossiping about me is embarrassing on my part… and on yours. I’ve heard from numerous people what you’ve been saying and been tagged in your blogs.”

Jamie tried to get a word in, and said: “I found it weird how you wanted to talk to me!”

Amber retaliated: “I haven’t tried to speak to you, and when I was in the club everyone was in my ear asking why you were staring at me. Then you shouted at me in the club saying ‘Why are you here? No one likes you.'”

Trying to defend her friend, Chloe said: “That is nasty Jamie, no one should feel unwelcome.”

To which Amber then tried to shut down the chat, telling her ex: “I feel like this conversation is over.”

Chloe, clearly trying to help calm the situation added: “Yeah, just leave it now.”

Then, remarkably, Amber delivered the nastiest blow: “Yeah – for once Chloe actually said something good.”

Twitter erupted and blasted the “rude” newcomer, telling TOWIE bosses to sack her!

“Amber T needs to get fired from #TOWIE Can’t stand her…”, said one annoyed fan.

Another bluntly tweeted: “Amber needs to leave #TOWIE”.

Most of the viewers bad-mouthed the star and even threatened to boycott the show.

“Never watched anyone be as rude as @AmberTurner_x ! @Chloemeadows don’t have her back again!!! The way she makes rows and then walks off”, said one angry user.

Another added: “Why is Amber Turner so horrible to @Chloemeadows #TOWIE”.

One particular viewer wanted to “punch amber turner in the face”.

Another fan said that Amber needs to ‘learn manners’ and ‘grow up’.

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We wonder whether she’ll make an appearance on next week’s episode?

Of course she will! The more drama, the better.

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