Tonight’s Emmerdale: Cain attacks Emma!

He's onto her...

Emma is fast becoming one of the biggest baddies the world of soap ever did see.

After bumping off her ex-husband James, there was some evidence of guilt.

And last week, at the inquest into his death, it looked for a second that she was about to admit pushing him off the footbridge.

But then she announced that James had been depressed and had killed himself.

In front of their devastated sons!

She then visited James’s grave and apologised. Er, too little too late, love!

Still, there’s one person who’s well and truly got the measure of her – Cain can always sniff out a wrong un.

He’s not buying her butter-wouldn’t-melt routine with Moira.

And in tonight’s episode, he attacks the grieving sort-of-widow.

Unbeknown to him, Moira has asked Emma to sort through some of Holly’s clothes in the bedroom as she can’t bring herself to do it.

When Cain finds her there, she deliberately ignores his questions to antagonise him – knowing that he will overreact.

Sure enough, Cain forces her out of the house, pushing her to the ground.

Moira rushes to her aid, appalled by her husband’s behaviour – exactly the response the secret killer was angling for.

She’s well and truly stepping up her mission to mess up her her love rival’s life…