Tom Waterhouse’s dastardly master plan finally unveiled in Emmerdale

Oh, he's a wrong un!

In case anyone was wondering who the mysterious buyer of Home Farm was last night’s ep confirmed that it is Tom Waterhouse, sorry, Joseph Tate.

But obviously most of us had worked this out last week when the scheming rich kid revealed his true identity to Debbie, Charity and the rest of the village.

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It could never have been anyone else really, could it?

So Joe will be moving back into his family home later this week. It’s a pretty big house for just one person to be rattling around in all alone though.

It’s not like Joe’s right-hand man and only friend will be making Home Farm into the ultimate bachelor pad either.

After witnessing Joe’s callous attitude to Sarah’s health insurance, he basically told his boss to stick his driving job. Did we see the prickles of a conscience bothering the poor little rich boy at that moment?

There was also a fully cringe moment as Laurel and Bob tried to discuss their liaison using cake as an analogy. We probably won’t eat cake for a while after that.

But what everyone really wanted to know was why on Earth had Chas not taken down the Christmas tree in the pub yet?

It’s two days since Twelfth Night, which is the official take-Chrimbo-deccys-down date.

In fact, leaving trees up past January 6th is actually thought to bring bad luck.

Pretty sure after everything that’s gone on in that pub over the years, bad luck is the last thing they should be inviting in.

“How come the Xmas tree is still up in the wollie tonite?? You do know it’s bad luck to have it longer than you should,” pointed out one observant viewer.

Another wondered: “@emmerdale whats with the xmas tree being up in the woolpack on the 8th January!!! surely should be down by the 6th??”

A third eagle-eyed fan tweeted: “Have the woolpack forgotten to take the Christmas tree down its 14 days after Christmas @emmerdale”

And a fourth added: “You need to take the Christmas tree down in the Woolpack. It’s bad luck now!”

Crikey, considering last year alone the village had rape, murder, arson and death – it’s hard to see what more bad luck could befall the place?

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A plague of locusts or raining blood perhaps?

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV

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