Tom Hardy called a “superhero” after chasing down a thief

The actor jumped over walls to hunt down a man who stole a moped

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Hollywood actor Tom Hardy seems to have learned a lot from movies he’s starred in, including The Dark Knight Rises and Warrior.

He chased down a thief in London and made a citizen’s arrest!

The Brit-born star reportedly “switched to superhero mode” as he ran after one of two men who stole a moped in Richmond, south-west London.

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According to The Sun, the moped crashed into a Mercedes at a busy junction on Sunday afternoon.

The Mad Max star, 39, was described as launching himself over walls as he chased after on the young men through building sites and gardens on Sunday.

An onlooker, Arun Pullen, saw the entire thing. “It was mental – like he’d switched to superhero mode in an action movie,” said the 22-year-old.

“Two boys on the nicked moped had jumped a red light and smashed into a car.

“Tom must have been walking down the road. He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious.

“If the kid had been dumb enough to resist I reckon Tom would have given him a good hiding.”

Onlookers also added that Tom grabbed him at a bus stop, searched him just to make sure he wasn’t carrying any weapons.

Mr Pullen described the actor as being a man you definitely wouldn’t mess with.

“I think he even checked the kid’s ID before cops took over,” he added.

Both of the men are facing charges of theft after one was caught by the police and the other stopped by Tom.

What a hero! We didn’t think we could love him any more.

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Tom has recently finished filming war movie Dunkirk and is now working on a film called Fonzo, where he stars as Al Capone.

There are also rumours that he is set to appear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

How does he find the time film AND hunt down thieves?

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