Tom Daley’s new hubby Dustin Lance Black gets emotional in adorable interview

It sounds like the cute couple had an amazing day

Dustin Lance Black has gushed about his “beautiful” wedding to Olympic star hubby Tom Daley, following their private ceremony just two months ago.

Speaking to Channel 5 News, the American film director seemed to ooze wedded bliss, reminiscing about tearing up as he stood at the altar with his soulmate.

Dustin is a long way from his Texan roots, and appeared thrilled that his family flew in from across the pond to share in the couple’s big day.

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In the sweet interview, he also revealed he is close to Tom’s Plymouth-based family, saying:

“I’ve felt part of that family for a long time.

“But I’m not sure I’m 50 per cent Plymouth yet, I haven’t earned that,” he joked.

Clearly not concerned about becoming an ‘old married couple’, Dustin admitted the newlyweds sloped off to bed leaving their family and friends partying into the wee hours.

Getting emotional, he talked about the special significance the ceremony held for him, having been an outspoken proponent of equal marriage rights.

“I got tearful standing there on that day… that I got to join in that great tradition and understand it fully.”

“And come to understand it more than I knew when I was fighting for it.

Tom shared an adorable picture from the big day of the pair’s very impressive wedding cake, and the moment his new husband laid eyes on the delicious-looking creation for the first time.

His caption read: “@dlanceblack sees the wedding cake that @cupcakejemma and her team at @crumbsanddoilies made for the very first time on our wedding day! Check it out in the link in my bio or by going to my Instagram story and swiping up!”

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Gripping each other’s hands, they both look delighted, and clearly can’t wait to tuck in.

The couple, who first started dating in 2013 before revealing their engagement two years later, are clearly very much enjoying their honeymoon period, with Dustin declaring: “It’s been the loveliest two months since we got married.”

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