Tom Daley reported to have ‘had 18-month fling with male model’

Olympic diver allegedly enjoyed hook-ups while partner was away

Tom Daley has been a bit of a naughty boy!

According to reports, the muscle-bound Olympic diver has enjoyed an 18-month clandestine affair with a male model almost twice his size.

Tom, 22, had been seeing 6ft 6in cat-walker Edward William, 27, for a string of “purely physical” liaisons while Tom’s fiance Dustin Lance Black was away working.

The pair embarked on their secret relationship after meeting on the street in their local area.

Ed was single at the time and sent Tom a message straight after they met. It wasn’t long before a friendship was sparked up and Ed became part of the couple’s lives, joining Tom and Dustin for barbecues at their place or going out for coffee in Borough, London.

However, according to well-placed sources, Ed and Tom continued to see each other when Dustin was away for work.

Tom would, reportedly, send Ed messages saying things like: “I’m home, can you come round?’, while other messages would say: “Lance is away, are you going to be about?”

According to the story in The Sun, Ed let slip to his mates that he and Tom had become lovers and that it was an open secret among gay circles.

“Ed told them it was a purely physical relationship with not much emotion involved,” the source told the paper.

“He said Tom was very confident and forward with a huge sex drive.”

It’s believed that even though Dustin had embraced Ed into their lives, he was unaware that the friendship had developed into anything sexual.

“Ed met Dustin socially at the start of the friendship, but he thinks he did not know Tom was contacting him privately,” the source told The Sun.

“It would always happen when Dustin was away and would be quite short-lived.

“They would hook up for half an hour or an hour and that would be it.

“Tom would rarely talk about Dustin to Ed, except to say that he was away.

The source also said that Ed didn’t really understand the nature of Tom and Dustin’s relationship and had said that perhaps they had an agreement that each of them can do what they want.

In an interview with Attitude magazine this month, Tom said that gay culture’s obsession with sex was changing.

“Its changing because back then marriage wasn’t allowed.

“So, who knew that you could be looking towards getting married? People growing up now will think there’s no difference. So, in the future they’ll be looking to get married and have a family and be like a straight couple because they are allowed to get married, whereas before it wasn’t permitted, so what was the point?”

He also admitted that in his teens he was preoccupied with sex as he came to terms with being gay.

“Around 16, 17, 18, it was probably mainly sexual,” he said of his feelings toward men. “Then when I met Lance, that was the trigger for thinking I could actually have feelings for someone.

“It’s when both come together, sexual attraction and the emotional attraction, that it really makes an impact.”

Ed and Tom’s fling ended in 2015 but apparently have been in touch as recently as this month.

Last month it was reported that Tom had enjoyed a series of internet sex sessions with a male fan from Liverpool during a break from Dustin.

At the time of the reports, Tom said that he and Dustin “don’t have secrets” and that it was “crucial to us that we are completely and totally open with each other”.

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