Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are cooking up a social media storm in their kitchen

Could they swap lives with them now please?

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If reincarnation exists we’d like to come back as Tom Fletcher. He appears to have the perfect live – gorgeous wife, two amazing sons, millions in the bank and talent dripping from every pore.

It turns out – as we’ve discovered from daily Instagram stalking – that he has a pretty stylish eye, too.

His latest upload – a shot of the family enjoying lunch – has given us serious interiors envy.

Just check out that kitchen!

Too many followers to mention RAVED about the their room – from the bricks and floorboards, to the stools and lighting.

We’ll take the lot thanks, guys!

Earlier this week, Tom Fletcher sent his fans into a frenzy after posting the sweetest video of himself and his two sons.

The talented singer and songwriter uploaded a the clip to his 1.5m followers, and they are very impressed with his son’s drumming skills.

His three-year-old son Buzz is seen playing along to a song called That Thing You Do by The Wonders and he is so good!

(Credit: Instagram/@tomfletcher)

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Adorable Buddy, aged 1, is also having a good go at singing.

Tom, 31, captioned the post: “Name that tune with Buzz on drums and Buddy taking lead vocals ”

His fans were astounded.

One said: “Omg you have got to be kidding me!! You have two little prodigies on your hands”.

Another added: “Love that song … can’t believe Buzz can play the drums … brilliant”.

“He’s gonna be the next Phil Collins on drums “, said a third.

There is no doubt that little Buzz will be following in his daddy’s footsteps!

Could their family be any cuter? (Credit: Instagram/@mrsgifletcher)

Tom’s wife of five years, Giovanna Fletcher, has also recently shared a hilarious photo of Buzz wearing her clothes.

The 32-year-old mum-of-two wrote: “Buzz put on my heels, bag and sunglasses this morning before declaring, ‘I’m going to work’… I’m not sure what kind of ‘work’ he thinks I do. ❤️xx #buzz #love #family

Buzz wants to be just like his mummy (Credit: Instagram/@mrsgifletcher)

Suits you, Buzz.

Giovanna also got a LOT of people talking after going on a huge rant about how people are always asking her if Tom is a ‘hands-on dad’.

Posting a pic of Tom with their sons, she made it very clear that father’s should never be questioned over their parenting skills, and said that so many people “dumb down” a dad’s responsibility as a parent.

IS TOM A HANDS ON DAD? Over the last three years there's one question that has started grating on me, and that’s 'Is Tom a hands-on dad?' It's something I get asked a lot, along with 'What's he like as a father?' or 'Has he surprised you in his new role?' I'll say straight away that Tom is an amazing dad. He is one half of the parenting team and we very much do everything together. I feel fully supported in the knowledge that parenting, for us, is a mutual responsibility. I wouldn't be able to have children and keep working in the way I am without having Tom to tag team with. I guess the thing that has started to irk me about the above questions, is that no one would ever ask Tom what I was like as a mum, or ponder over my involvement, or dare to ask if I was any good at it. So the fact Tom, and all Dads, are having their skills questioned as though being 'hands-on' is optional is a murky area for me. I feel like we've moved on as a society. Dads are more involved. Well, in my eyes, they should be. Although I do understand that it’s not always possible even if they'd like to be. With more and more women going back to work it's impossible for them to keep such a tight hold of the reigns. Control and responsibly have to be passed over to the dads, because parenting is a full time role within itself and if both parents are out working and keeping the family afloat financially then it's only right that the demands of family life get distributed equally too. Don't dumb down my husband or any other dad who's decided to accept the shift and readjust accordingly for the good of the family. Don't treat dads who interact with their children like they’re doing something alien that warrants your praise. If you wouldn't do it to a mum, don't do it to a dad. So, to all the dads out there doing the best for their families – whether you've stopped your 'day job' to take over the main bulk of responsibilities, whether you're sharing everything as evenly as possible, or whether you're out doing shift work and working all the hours possible to provide for your family – whatever you're doing with your family in mind, thank you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

A post shared by Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher) on

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The author ended her posted with: “So, to all the dads out there doing the best for their families – whether you’ve stopped your ‘day job’ to take over the main bulk of responsibilities, whether you’re sharing everything as evenly as possible, or whether you’re out doing shift work and working all the hours possible to provide for your family – whatever you’re doing with your family in mind, thank you.”

Then added: “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!”.

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