To me, to ewwww! Chuckle Brother hits back over “flirty” message to Caroline Flack

Kids TV presenter got hot under the collar

We didn’t think we’d ever write a story about a Chuckle Brother appearing to flirt with a glamorous TV presenter this week.

But the opportunity arose when it seemed like Paul Chuckle had sent Caroline Flack a cheeky reply to her saucy Instagram snap.

He’s since spoken out to insist everything was above board and the message was purely work related!

Caroline must have known what she was doing when she posted the rude image yesterday.

Caroline’s raunchy post (Credit: Instagram)

The presenter was pictured in a crystal-blue swimming pool while on holiday in Los Angeles, putting on make-up with no bikini top on.

With her arms strategically placed as she applied her lipstick, she would have been well aware she’d be getting men all over the world – and no doubt a few ladies – feeling very steamy.

Predictably, the image was flooded with comments from admirers, with one saying: “Wow wow wow Flack you are on fire.”

And another writing: “No point following anyone else any more – #myinstacrush.”

But she probably didn’t expect a cheeky message from an incredibly unexpected source – Paul Chuckle, the kids TV entertainer!

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It looked like the Chuckle Brother was making a bit of a gag when he replied to Caroline’s image, saying: “Planned on it but work got in the way.”

Paul replied to Caroline’s tweet (Credit: Twitter)

And people immediately jumped on Paul’s response, describing him as a “playa”, with another commenter writing: “Our Paul on the pull.”

Paul Chuckle sent a cheeky response (Credit:

Others described him as an “icon” and a “true hero” for trying his luck with the gorgeous telly presenter.

Luckily Caroline saw the funny side as well, replying with the Chuckle Brothers’ well-known catchphrase: “To me or to you?”

Caroline was quick to joke back (Credit: Twitter)

All appeared to continue as normal in celeb-world after the funny exchange, until Paul took exception to The Sun’s article about the messages.

Using his Twitter feed, he sent them a direct tweet clarifying a few things – making it clear he wasn’t attempting to flirt, or even just making a joke.

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He wrote: “@TheSun: 1. I wasn’t flirting. 2 I didn’t realise @carolineflack1 was topless. 3. The wife was with me at the time and knew the reason I put what I did which was because we were supposed to have been in L.A during November but for work commitments #happilymarried.”

Right you are, Paul! It’s amazing how quickly things can be taken out of context online, so fair play for putting the record straight.

Hopefully you and the Flack do get to meet up soon – we can only wonder what kind of projects you could work on together!

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