EastEnders SPOILER: Shock New Year’s Day shooting confirmed as Aidan’s job goes wrong

Will one of our faves get hurt?

For anyone disappointed that Phil Mitchell and Max Branning’s showdown in the Square didn’t end up with someone getting shot, fear not, there is a shooting coming your way on New Year’s Day.

That’s cheery, right?

It’s almost time for Aidan’s job (Credit: BBC)

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We can confirm that Phil Mitchell is definitely involved, but not Max – he’s busy with his critically ill daughters. The action shifts over to Aidan Maguire and his mysterious ‘job’ as we slide into 2018.

Fans know that Aidan, who is a former cell-mate of Phil, has been putting together Walford’s very own version on Ocean’s Eleven to carry out a heist.

Alongside Phil he’s also recruited Vincent Hubbard, Mick Carter and Keanu Taylor to help him pull off the job.

With that stellar line-up, what could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot as it happens. On New Year’s Day, Aidan orders his motley crew to go about their usual business, but to keep an eye out for his signal.

Mick doesn’t show up (Credit: BBC)

The plan is immediately in danger of going boobies-up when Mick’s mum, Shirley, gets wind of what’s going on and takes drastic action to stop Mick going through with it.

Elsewhere, Sharon Mitchell as cottoned on that Phil’s up to something dodgy as well – but she leaves him to it. She’s got nothing to worry about anyway as it’s already been established than Phil is immortal.

And Keanu looks like the pressure is getting to him and he almost cracks and reveals everything to his sister, Bernadette, who also knows there’s something afoot.

They’re smart cookies, these Walford women.

The plan is thrown into disarray again when Aidan sends his signal out – but Mick fails to show up.

Believing that the pub landlord has pulled out, a furious Aidan storms The Vic – with his gun. Shirley tries to foil things further by telling the Irishman she hasn’t seen Mick.

Mick makes it after all (Credit: BBC)

Just when you thought it all couldn’t possibly get anymore complicated Masood arrives back on the Square – only to be greeted with a tongue lashing from Mick – who’s managed to get to the job despite Shirley’s best efforts.

The gang eventually manage to hold up their target, in disguises and armed with fake guns, but they’re not expecting a real gun to be pulled on them.

A shot rings out and one of the Walford boys is left lying on the ground, not looking in great shape. But who?

Linda and Shirley watch on in horror (Credit: BBC)

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It also soon becomes clear that Aidan has an ulterior motive for the job that he failed to mention.

Will they all make it out in one piece?