Emmerdale to air full flashback episode of Emma’s murder

Special episode will reveal the identity of Emma's murderer

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We’ve been waiting for aaaages to find out who killed Emma Barton in Emmerdale so we’re super-excited to hear we’re going to actually see what happened with our own eyes.

A while ago the Emmerdale bosses told us they’d been filming flashbacks to the murder which will be dropped into episodes over the coming weeks.

And now Anthony Quinlan and Michael Parr, who play Pete and Ross Barton, have confirmed there will be one whole flashback episode, which will bring the ‘who killed Emma’ story to an end.

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“We are going to do a full flashback episode as well that will be aired in a few weeks’ time,” Anthony said on today’s Loose Women.

“This is the first snippet on Friday and things start kicking off from there.”

“This is when it gets really complicated,” added Mike.

The special episode will be set in the present, with flashbacks dropped in throughout, an Emmerdale spokesperson confirmed.

There are seven suspects in Emma’s murder – Gabby, Laurel, Ross, Pete, Moira, Cain and Adam – and each one has a strong motive for wanting to see the end of Mrs Barton.

Emmerdale has done episodes before where time has been played with – there was a special Rewind episode in 2015 that revealed who’d shot Robert Sugden.

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Back then the culprit was Ross Barton – in a deal with Robert’s brother, Andy.

Is that a clue as to the identity of Emma’s killer? Time will tell!