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Tipping Point viewers stunned as Josie Gibson outwits Judge Rinder

She did so well!

Josie Gibson stunned Tipping Point: Lucky Stars viewers after she outwitted the formidable Judge Rinder.

The television personality, 36, got off to a rocky star on the ITV show.

Up against Judge Rinder, 42, and Greg Rutherford, 34, Josie initially got several questions wrong.

However, she suddenly upped her game and beat Greg – and even outwitted Rinder.

She won a round against the barrister but ultimately lost out to the TV judge.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their bemusement that Josie did so well.

josie gibson on tipping point 2021
Josie outwitted Judge Rinder in one round (Credit: ITV)

One viewer tweeted: “Judge Rinder mortified that he got a question wrong and Josie Gibson got it right.”

Meanwhile, another viewer mused: “Greg Rutherford having lost to Josie.”

And a third viewer claimed: “Josie ain’t as daft as she looks #TippingPoint.”

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And a fourth user joked: “Oh no Josie is going home. Oh well she had a good run. Back you go to #ThisMorning #TippingPoint.”

Josie appeared on the charity fundraising special to raise money for Spread Some Sunshine.

This charitable organisation’s goal is to “bring happiness to children facing adversity in the UK and overseas”.

Rinder went on to win (Credit: ITV)

Who is Josie Gibson?

Josie is an English television presenter and personality.

She shot to fame in 2010 when she won Big Brother. She also competed on Ultimate Big Brother.

Since then she’s launched her career as a television presenter.

The celebrity Tipping Point competitors (Credit: ITV)

She served as a showbiz reporter for OK! TV and has appeared on the likes of Celebrity Wedding Planner, Celebrity Juice, The Vanessa Show and Loose Women.

These days she’s regularly on ITV’s This Morning as a competitions host.

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Josie welcomed her first child, a boy called Reggie-James, in 2018.

This month Josie stunned This Morning viewers when she posed in a racy bunny outfit.

She claims to have lost one stone since switching to a healthier lifestyle.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said she’d be happy to reach her goal of being a size 12.

Josie explained: “So I’ve lost over a stone now and I just enjoy it, I’m enjoying cooking healthy and enjoying – we all go out to this virtual walk, Walk to Wellness, and there’s a lovely community.

“I would like to be a size 12/14. I don’t wanna be really skinny because I can’t, it’ll kill me to get there and, say, a large 12 and be fit.”

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