EastEnders’ Tina Carter did something very odd on New Year’s Eve

Tho' we doubt Mick noticed given what THEN went down...

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We all get a bit text happy on New Year’s Eve and find it necessary to send everyone Happy New Year greetings, from the neighbours we barely speak to, to former colleagues we haven’t seen for years.

Most of us manage to rein it in as far as the people we live with go, though. After all, what’s the point of messaging your brother who you share a home with, and whose company you are in on the big night…

Unless you are Tina Carter, that is.

The morning after the night before… (Credit: BBC)

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Why? Well for reasons we can’t quite fathom, Tina sent her brother Mick a message wishing him a Happy New Year, even though she was with him at the time the clock struck midnight.

Tina’s odd message was revealed when Mick was spotted scrolling through his phone on New Year’s Day.

Huh? (Credit: BBC)

There, at the bottom of his screen, among 2018 greetings from ‘Dave’, ‘Joe’, ‘Winston’ and another ‘Dave’, was an early hours text from Tina, wishing him Happy New Year.

Tina did appear a little bit worse for wear the following day, sitting bleary eyed at the kitchen table with what appeared to be a tube of effervescent hangover relievers and a large glass of juice in front of her, so perhaps she had just got a bit confused with her texting the night before?

Double New Year wishes for Mick (Credit: BBC)

After all, who doesn’t go through their phone after a big night out and have either no recollection or ‘texters’ remorse’ over half the stuff they’ve sent?

Of course, Mick could also have another Tina in his life: an old colleague, perhaps? Long lost school friend?

Either way, we doubt Mick was too troubled by it, given he had much bigger fish to fry on New Year’s Day.

We doubt Mick really cared (Credit: BBC)

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Although he perhaps should have been slightly more concerned about another mystery text he got:

“HNY. I’m down your way today – I might drop by,” read a message from a contact called ‘Halfway’ – and one which got Twitter into a state of frenzy following the ensuing New Year’s day events in Albert Square.

“The guy with the gun is the same guy that text Mick earlier” wrote one fan.

“The guy in the van that shot Mick is ‘Halfway’ guy that text him,” added another, with Tina’s odd text now neither here nor there.

The plot thickens…

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