Timpson workers can claim HRT prescription costs on expenses

Timpson boss pledges to cover cost of employees’ HRT prescriptions on World Menopause Day

Staff will be able to claim costs through company expenses

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Shoe repairers Timpson have vowed to support staff members undergoing HRT treatment on World Menopause Day.

Chief Executive James Timpson made the well-received announcement on Twitter this morning (Monday October 18).

Politicians and Twitter users united in offering plaudits for the move.

Several Timpson initiatives have brought the company praise (Credit: Timpson Ltd YouTube)

What is the Timpson announcement about HRT support?

James Timpson, who commands a strong presence on social media with over 120,00 followers, highlighted the support as “important”.

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He wrote: “From today all my colleagues can claim on expenses their prescription costs when they are recommended HRT.

“It’s so important that we support our colleagues going through the menopause. #menopauseday.”

It is World Menopause Day
October 18 is World Menopause Day (Credit: Pexels)

How Twitter users reacted

The announcement proved immensely popular, endorsed with tens of thousands of Likes within hours.

It was also retweeted several thousands times, pulling in hundreds of appreciative comments.

Among those to applaud the company’s decision were Labour MPs Carolyn Harris and Jess Phillips.

Carolyn quote-tweeted the boss: “James you are a wonderful man and company x.”

And Jess agreed: “Honestly Timpsons are such a lovely company.”

You’re an inspiration.

Another Twitter user wrote: “I genuinely wonder what this country would be like if all employers treated their staff as amazingly as you.

“You’re more than just a great example, you’re an inspiration.”

Someone else added: “Every time I read about your company I’m more and more impressed. What kind of country would we be if this was the norm for business? Good on you.”

And yet another impressed observer tweeted: “Timpsons also do watch repairs, phone repairs, dog tags and engraving. In case you already have enough keys.”

Timpson is also known for its ‘upside-down’ management system which empowers employees to prioritise customers’ needs as they see fit.

The company is also very proactive in its approach to employing ex-offenders.

James Timpson is the boss
James Timpson is the boss of the family company (Credit: Timpson Ltd YouTube)

HRT treatment in the UK

HRT medication is usually prescribed as a daily tablet but it is also taken through a skin patch or gel medication.

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The costs of prescriptions are mitigated by devolved governments in Wales and Scotland. Patients in England currently have to pay £9.34 for each item, however.

For more information from the NHS about the menopause, click here.

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