Ruth Langsford ticks off Ant and Dec for disrupting her morning

Saturday Night Takeaway is already causing "chaos"

This Morning host Ruth Langsford gave guests Ant and Dec a bit of a telling off after traffic mayhem caused by the new series of Saturday Night Takeaway left her unable to find a parking space.

“I knew you were back because I couldn’t get parked,” she chided the Geordie pair as they hinted at what viewers can expect from the upcoming run of shows.

“All of your [production] trucks were in the way and I had to drag my car across the car park.”

As it turns out, Dec had experienced the same issue – but didn’t initially realise it was for preparations for his show causing chaos on the roads near London Studios, where This Morning is also filmed.

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Ant and Dec had experienced parking woes, too (Credit: ITV)

He laughed: “We had the same problem yesterday with all of our trucks!

“I thought: ‘Who is this getting in the way?’ It was chaos but it was just us!”

The duo also revealed they’ve already experienced more vehicle-based problems for the new series – with a monster truck battle set to feature in an Ant V Dec challenge.

No more crashes for Ant and Dec… they promise (Credit: ITV)

During practices for the stunt, Dec admitted both stars had pranged their trucks.

“We had to give it a go earlier and we both crashed quite badly earlier today,” he said.

“It was quite bad.”

Ant laughed: “Each truck costs a couple of hundred thousand pounds, so no more crashes!”

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Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway returns to ITV tomorrow, Saturday 24th February, at 7pm. 

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