Peter Andre thrills fans with rare glimpse at daughter Amelia’s secret talent

Fans were seriously impressed!

Peter Andre usually keeps his two youngest children far away from the limelight.

While he often gushes about being a dad to daughter Amelia, three, and son Theo, one, the two little ones are rarely pictured – unlike their elder siblings Junior, 12, and Princess, ten, who have graced magazines since birth.

So fans were thrilled over the weekend when Peter, 44, offered not one but TWO glimpses at Amelia on Instagram.

We spy Amelia in the background! (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

First up, the child was seen in the background of Pete’s selfie while he worked out.

He added the caption: “Look who’s joined me for a gym sesh. Reading:))).”

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But the second Instagram posted by Pete was the one that really surprised fans as the popstar revealed Amelia has been learning Greek!

Pete was born in Australia but is of Greek-Cypriot descent and clearly he’s keen to pass that on to his little girl by teaching her his native language.

He shared a sweet video in which he can be heard asking Amelia – nicknamed Mills – if she can count to five in Greek.

(Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)
Amelia is learning Greek – clever girl! (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

After she does that successfully, she then shows off her knowledge of colours in Greek.

Pete shared the cute video with the caption: “Honestly my Sunday just got better. Plse watch this. She’s only 3.”

He added the hashtag “proud dad”.

We bet!

(Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)
Pete keeps his youngest kids’ faces away from the camera (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

One impressed fan responded: “Clever girl, clever parents for spending time teaching her. Education is not just for school.”

Another said: “Good girl…another language is always a bonus in life later.”

A third agreed: “Great age to learn languages, she’ll soak it all up like a sponge!”

And a fourth remarked: “Fabulous, and love the fact that you are teaching your family your native tongue, how thrilled is nana and grandad going to be to hear her talking.”

(Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)
Pete with wife Emily (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

Peter has always kept his two youngest children’s faces hidden when he posts rare photos of them to social media.

It’s a very different scenario with his eldest two children, Junior and Princess, who have been in the spotlight their entire lives.

Their mum is Pete’s ex-wife Katie Price.

(Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)
His eldest children, Junior and Princess, have been in the spotlight since birth (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

Explaining why Mills and Theo are kept away from the cameras, Pete told New! magazine this year: “Obviously, some of my children are in the public eye and it’s generally been reality TV-based.

“And any money they earn goes directly into a trust fund so they can use it to go to university, buy their first car, put a deposit down on a house etc.

“It’s well known Emily’s not keen on Amelia and Theo being in the public eye, which I totally respect.

“With J and P, I realise they were born into it.”

Instagram @PeterAndre
Pete shared this shot recently of Emily with their kids Amelia and Theo (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

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Peter was married to former glamour model Katie from 2005 until 2009: they met on TV while competing on I’m A Celebrity and their romance – and split – was played out on magazine covers and a series of fly on the wall reality shows.

He married doctor Emily, 28, in 2015.

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