Emmerdale’s Thomas Atkinson teases huge twist in Lachlan’s future

Where do you go after mass murder?

Emmerdale star Thomas Atkinson has revealed what the future holds for his troubled character Lachlan White now he’s managed to bump off two thirds of his family.

Last night’s episodes showed Lachlan deliberately make mum Chrissie swerve into the path of an oncoming lorry while they were involved in a high speed car chase with Robert Sugden.

Lachlan deliberately sabotaged the car (Credit: ITV)

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Chrissie and – the previously invincible – Lawrence died at the scene, while Rebecca is lying in a coma with her life hanging in the balance.

Viewers voiced their concerns for the new mum as Lachlan had a hugely morbid conversation with a doctor about who’d have the final say in switching off her life support.


Thomas revealed that even though his psychopathic alter-ego feels remorse at what’s happened, his life is actually better with his family dead and buried.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “After the crash he gets a lot closer with Belle and the Dingles and in a way it’s almost as if, after all this has happened, his life is better in a way.

Thomas says Lachlan’s life will be better without Chrissie and Lawrence (Credit: ITV)

“He’s finally happy and people actually care about him and don’t just see him at this freak who’s done some terrible things in his past.”

He added that, even though he feels guilty, Lachlan also sees this as a fresh start.

Wow. That’s pretty savage even for Lachlan.

But while he might be enjoying a life with his beloved Belle and her family, there are still two rather big flies in Lachlan’s ointment.

First of all there’s the Rebecca issue – if she comes round she can easily reveal that her twisted nephew deliberately caused the crash.

With her lying vulnerable in a coma, fans have already predicted that Lachlan will finish her off. And that conversation with the doctor has fuelled this theory even more.

Secondly there’s the voicemail on Gerry Roberts’ phone that recorded Lachlan’s whole creepy speech to his mum as well as him telling Lawrence: “But Granddad, we’re not going to Australia.”

You could’ve just hidden their passport, tbh (Credit: ITV)

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Tonight Gerry complained that he hasn’t seen his phone since yesterday, but as we know, it’s only a matter of time before these missing voicemails come back to haunt.

Just ask Max Branning.

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