This weekend’s X Factor reportedly thrown into chaos with performances in doubt

As contestants are struck down by a mystery bug, Saturday's live show hangs in the balance...

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A mystery bug is sweeping the X Factor house leaving contestants so poorly, it’s unsure whether they’ll get to perform on Saturday night.

Dah dah daaah!

According to The Daily Star, The Price Brothers, Holly Tandy and Matt Linnen have apparently all been struck down with a bizarre illness and ordered to get straight to their beds for plenty of rest ahead of George Michael night this weekend.

A source told the publication: “They’re all having early nights. We can’t afford to have no-shows – there are two double evictions, so four acts are going to get the boot.”

A show insider has said that all of the acts have been refused any sort of partying, or indeed fun, this week in an attempt to protect their vocals and increase their ability to perform. Bah humBUG.

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The illness comes as another blow to Simon Cowell’s (once-super-popular) show which has seen more catastrophes this year than any other.

Simon himself took a tumble on some stairs and wasn’t able to appear on the first week of live shows.

But as viewing figures hit an all-time low for the ITV show (it gets around 4m viewers as opposed to Strictly’s whopping 10m) we wouldn’t be surprised if Simon is hobbling around to the house to dish out the Lemsip himself.

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But is the bug really likely to see contestants miss out on two double evictions this weekend?

“You can never be sure what actually goes on in that house,” another insider exclusively blabbed to Entertainment Daily.

“I’ve been on set numerous times and heard all sorts of things fed to the press in an attempt to drum up interest and get viewing figures to rise.”

We’ll hold off on sending that basket of grapes around then.

X Factor returns to ITV this coming Saturday at 8.10pm. Who knows who’ll be on it though!