This unlikely TV actor has been voted hotter than Tom Hardy

It's not all about obvious good looks!

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We’ve seen the comments on Facebook go crazy whenever Entertainment Daily posts a story about – or pictures of – Tom Hardy.

Particularly when it’s shots of him on CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories…

Hotter than the sun, but not the nation’s fave telly tune-in (Credit: BBC)

So it’s come as something of a surprise to discover that a sizeable portion of ladies in the UK would rather miss an hour in his company via Taboo than the pleasure of… David Tennant.

Yes, old shouty pants DI Alec Hardy from Broadchurch.

“MILLLLLLlERRRRRRRRR!” Tennant’s got ‘tec’s appeal (Credit: ITV)

… Over brooding Delaney in Taboo.


Just over 30% of women surveyed by gadget insurance company said the Scottish actor is the top reason they switch on their TV.

Or, more to the point, he’s the person they’d get most upset about missing if their tellies broke.

This compares to the 20% who opted for Tom.

Just goes to show, muscles and inks aren’t everything.

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Meanwhile, the nation’s telly-watching men would be most gutted to miss out on actress Sheridan Smith if their boxes suddenly stopped working.

Some 20% of men questioned for the same survey said The Moorside star was their favourite.

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Now, that we do understand. Looks like the ladies of the household have trained their men well!

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