This new drama will fill the Broadchurch-shaped hole in your life

Born To Kill is the one to watch

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Channel 4’s bold new miniseries Born To Kill begins tonight and it’s set to be just as disturbing and gripping as Broadchurch.

It comes from the same production team behind Line of Duty, so we’ve already got high hopes.

The drama is about a young man named Sam whose dark and twisted desires, that have been buried, are about to come to the surface.

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He’s 16-years-old and lives with his overprotective mum, Jenny. He believes his father died in a car crash.

He appears to be a model teenager, he’s affectionate with his mum, and he stands up to the school bullies.

But there’s a dark secret Jenny is protecting him from – one that’s about to be revealed and it changes everything.

When Jenny meets single dad Bill they tentatively start to date. Bill’s daughter Chrissy has met Sam at school and they also strike up a bond. Has Sam finally found someone on his wavelength?

Romola Garai stars as Jenny, and Daniel Mays is Bill. Just as they begin to hit it off, Jenny learns Sam’s dad, Peter, is about to be released from prison. He’s a violent man who Jenny has protected Sam from all these years.

Now she has to face telling her son that his father is alive and also a convicted murderer.

But has Sam inherited his dad’s traits? Does he want to kill too? And does Chrissy really share his passion for murder?

Speaking about his role in the drama, Jack Rowan, who plays Sam, said:

“Growing up without a father has taken it’s toll on [Sam].

“He just can’t empathise or sympathise with how other people feel. He wants to know about emotions, he wants to find out what love is like, but he just can’t feel it.

“I always try to find moments when he’s relatable.”

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Romola added: “There’s a question in the show about whether [Sam] is genetically predisposed towards violence or whether his early childhood traumas have ignited those violent tendencies.”

“It’s a very difficult project to define,” agreed Daniel. “It’s sort of a thriller, sort of a crime drama, but at its heart, it’s a drama about relationships and the premise of nature versus nurture.”

It sounds like it’s definitely going to fill the gap in our TV schedules. It starts tonight at 9pm.

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