This Morning’s Ruth FUMING as Josie Cunningham flirts with Eamonn

Her behaviour infuriates viewers too

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This Morning viewers were left furious with guest Josie Cunningham after she shamelessly flirted with host Eamonn Holmes IN FRONT of his wife Ruth Langsford.

The mother-of-four appeared on today’s show to talk about her sugar daddies, who pay for her lavish lifestyle.

The controversial lass, who became famous – okay, notorious – after she had a free breast augmentation on the NHS, then suggested that host Eamonn Holmes could be her new sugar daddy.

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And the 57-year-old’s wife, Ruth, was not impressed.

Presenter Eamonn asked what she gives the men in exchange for her company.

To which Josie replied: “I’ve three sugar daddies at the moment, the eldest is 65.

“I just get nice gifts in exchange for company, phone call conversations, I might take the 65-year-old the odd bit of baking here and there.”

As Eamonn started to laugh he interrupted saying: “Wait a minute I’m nearly that age. if you bring me… if I give you a phone call, if I speak to you on the phone…”

But before he could finish his sentence, Josie suggested: “Eamonn you can phone me any time.”

And wife Ruth was not happy with her comments.

The Loose Women panelist then shot her a pretty filthy look and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed by viewers watching from home.

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One wrote: “#thisMorning @RuthieeL so wanted to slap #josiecunningham. Ruth did amazing staying so calm.”

Another tweeted: “Ruth did so well not to smack her in the mouth.”

“Ruth’s daggers when Josie Cunningham was flirting with Eamon.. oh dear #awkward #ThisMorning,” a third said.

Speaking about being accused of being a “bad parent” to her four children, Josie said: “I think my children will grow up with a lifetime of love and experiences.

“I think the example they will take away from it, they will see me as a single parent and they will see that you have to work hard.”

Ruth quickly interrupted: “But people won’t see it as hard work Josie, this is the problem.”

The media personality bit back saying: “Is it not better that I had my breasts and I made some kind of career or income rather than sit on benefits, like?”