This Morning viewers think guest let slip Holly is pregnant…

People have to be so careful what they say

What would we do without eagle-eyed viewers?

Without them we’d never spot tiny little details that could shed light on a very big showbiz story.

Well, it looks like they may have stumbled across a rather big story – that Holly Willoughby is with child yet again…

Yes, that old chestnut!

Armchair detectives reckon the This Morning host could be preggers after one of their regular guests failed to mention her in an item on the Zika virus.

During a phone on with Holly, Phillip and travel expert Simon Calder, a viewer asked for advice on tropical destinations that are free of the virus, and Simon explained that non-pregnant people shouldn’t worry about the illness.

“Zika is a nasty, mosquito-born disease,” he said.  “For people like me and Phillip it doesn’t matter at all – we might feel lousy for a few days.

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“But anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant it can be quite serious.”

Did you notice what Simon did there?

He said the words  “Me and and Phillip” and “anyone who is pregnant”.

Where was his reference to Holly?

If she isn’t pregnant, why would he not mention her???

Well, that’s what viewers were thinking straight away.

“#ThisMorning @thismorning ‘me and Phil are okay, but people who are pregnant or trying’ Holly? 🙈😂” on telly watcher mused.

Another beady eyed viewer posted: “Didn’t include Holly in his comment about Zika but said it affects people who are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant #ThisMorning”

This isn’t the first time there have been ‘hints’ that Holly could be pregnant again.

Last month, viewers reckoned she might be knocked up when she refused to eat cheese during the show, although later she xplained it was because she didn’t want to eat “mouldy food” in the morning.

Then, Holly was caught off guard during a fashion item about a heavily pregnant woman.

Discussing the woman’s outfit, Trinny Woodall said, “Because Lucy has a very similar shape to me, she has a long body, and when you do, your bump doesn’t show so quickly.”

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She then addressed Holly, saying: “Your bump might show quickly because you have very long legs.”

Holly already has Harry, seven, Belle, five and Chester, two, with husband Dan Baldwin.