This Morning viewers slam Britain’s ‘unluckiest dater’ who has spent £30k to find love

Paddy McGuinness has now offered to help

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It’s not easy to find love – and no one knows that better that ‘Britain’s unluckiest dater’ who claims she has spent £30,000 to try and meet her perfect match.

Jeanette Baker went on This Morning to talk about her expensive search for love and to see if anyone watching at home could be her Mr Right.

Over the past four years, the unhappy singleton says she has spent £30k looking for a man to sweep her off her feet.

Explaining to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford how the costs have racked up, Jeanette said: “It can be clothes, the travel, actually the dating sites because they’re not cheap. Sometimes even the dating sites you don’t have to pay for have add ons.”

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And describing her bad luck so far, Jeanette revealed she often met people who looked nothing like their photos.

“People put totally different photographs up,” she explained.

“I have had dates where they’ve turned up and they’re not anything like their photo, the photo has been taken ten years ago or something like that.”

As for what she puts her lack of success down to? Jeanette believes it could be as simple as geography.

“I think it’s where I live, that’s Ramsgate,” she told Ruth.

“So I’m by the sea, which I think is lovely, but a lot of people think it’s too far to travel.”

Despite all the bad luck and the wasted money, Jeanette says she knows she has to be “in it to win it” and is determined to keep looking.

As for who her perfect man is, Jeanette says she doesn’t have unrealistic expectations.

Someone dependable, that I’m on an equal level with,” she explained. “That I can lean on him occasionally and he can lean on me. He doesn’t have to be rich, just on the same level as me.”

Helping to keep things positive, Eamonn suggested she launch an appeal directly to camera, in case her perfect man could be watching.

“Just ring up and hopefully get my phone number or email,” she said.

“I’m caring, I love children – I don’t mind if they have children. You’re just going to get spontaneous fun.”

One man who WAS at home watching was TV star Paddy McGuinness. And he thought he had the perfect plan to find Jeanette a man – get her on his dating show, Take Me Out!

Paddy McGuinness suggested he could help Jeanette find love on Take Me Out. (Credit: Twitter)

Paddy posted a picture of himself watching the show, along with his helpful suggestion.

But unimpressed viewers were much less impressed, and took to Twitter to slam Jeanette and her romantic efforts.

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One viewer said: “If she’s meant to be in a relationship it will HAPPEN. She’s wasting her money searching, silly woman #ThisMorning”.

And another added: “Jeanette is a prime example of the old saying ‘a fool and their money is easily parted’” while someone else said: “Desperation isn’t that appealing though.”

A fourth summed it up as they wrote: “A woman on #ThisMorning has spent 30k on dating in 4 years and can’t find a bloke. I’d rather be single than put myself through that

Harsh, guys.

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