This Morning viewers praise London Bridge hero who fought against attackers

The terror attack took place late Saturday night

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Gerard Vowles has been praised by This Morning viewers after he spoke about the terrifying moment he fought off attackers during the terror attack on London Bridge on Saturday.

Late Saturday night a van ploughed into pedestrians before three men got out and started stabbing people in bars and restaurants in the Borough Market area.

Gerard, 47, told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield of how he did everything he could to fight against the evil attackers despite seeing a woman repeatedly stabbed shortly before.

Gerard explained the horrifying moment he saw people being stabbed (Credit: ITV)

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He revealed: “I heard someone screaming ‘I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been stabbed’ and I looked round, I didn’t know if he was mucking around.

“That’s when all the blood started coming out of him. Everyone was screaming and the first thing I think I remember doing was running over to two community officers and I said ‘a man’s been stabbed quick quick quick’.”

He went on to say: “As I turned to the right, they were attacking a young lady with blonde hair, stabbing her multiple times.

“They had hatred in their eyes, they didn’t look human. They hated everyone.”

He told the hosts he fought the attackers by throwing anything he could at them (Credit: ITV)

He went on to explain how he tried to throw anything he could at the knife men to stop them killing any more people.

He said: “I was scared but I thought ‘I can’t leave people to die’. I was screaming, ‘run run run’.

“Then one of them looked at me as I was throwing at them. He came towards me and then he backed off. They then went to a restaurant and I saw them stab a guy there.”

Gerard then told the presenters how he now feels following the dreadful attack: “I’m still in shock. I’m having nightmares, flashbacks.

“I had a nightmare yesterday of that woman shouting ‘help me’. If she’s still alive I would like to see her.”

Gerard revealed he has “nightmares” over the dreadful attack (Credit: ITV)

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Holly was visibly moved by his story, and viewers were in shock at Gerard’s bravery, praising him for risking his life to save others.

One wrote on Twitter: “What a brave, selfless man! @thismorning Thank you!!! #ThisMorning #WeAreNotAfraid #London.”

“This man is a true hero #ThisMorning,” said another.

A third tweeted: “#ThisMorning what an amazing man. Risked his life to save others. Incredible.”

Another user added: “This man is truly a gift from God. What an incredible, caring man. So remarkable. #ThisMorning.”

“What an amazing man! Following and throwing things at the terrorists while everyone ran in other direction #goodman #thismorning,” said another.

This awful attack comes two weeks after a bomb attack on Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert that killed 22 people and left over 100 more injured.

Ariana held a benefit concert, One Love Manchester, to pay tribute to those that lost their lives last night.

The amazing event managed to raise £2 million for the grieving families and those who were affected by the attack.