This Morning viewers outraged after employer gives ‘pet-ternity’ leave to workers

Has the world gone mad?

This Morning viewers were left confused after one man told the show that he gives his employees ‘pet-ternity’ leave.

Greg Buchanan was on the show to talk to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about his new scheme.

He told them that he had one week off after he got his second puppy, and thought it would be unfair if he didn’t allow his staff to do the same.

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Greg explained that all members of his workforce are allowed to take a short amount of time off work to make sure their pets get settled in OK.

“Not every business is able to have this, but introducing a puppy to a home is so important,” he explained.

Also on the show was Kelly-Rose Bradford, who said that she loved her dog more than her own son!

She completely agreed with Greg’s idea and said that it was “help morale”.

“If you’re committing to a dog you should [be able to] put plans in place,” she stated.

The group debated the matter, but people at home couldn’t quite believe what they were watching.

There was a lot of confusion with one saying: “‘Pet-ternity’ @thismorning. Christ I’ve heard it all now! #ThisMorning #Bonkers”.

Another wanted to double-check whether the same policy covered ants…

There’s always one!

Although, shockingly, there were many who thought it was a brilliant idea.

“Omg! Pet-ternity should definitely exist!” said one excited viewer.

Another said that while the policy was getting a lot of flak, they shouldn’t complain as it was “his company and his employees”.

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These debates get weirder each day!