This Morning viewers lash out after “hypocritical” phone-in on cheating partners

Presenters doled out double standards

This Morning viewers have reacted angrily to today’s phone-in on cheating partners, saying the presenters responses were “hypocritical”.

Relationship expert Emma Kenny, a regular on the show, was on hand to give advice to people who have cheated or have been cheated on.

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Emma, along with Phil and Holly, spoke to three women during the phone-in.

Holly and Phil gave their advice to three women during the phone-in on cheating (Credit: ITV)

The first two women phoned in to each discuss the fact that their partners had cheated on them.

This elicited sympathetic responses, as expected, with Phil even going so far as telling one to “dump the pig”.

But quite a different response was given when a third caller phoned in to confess she had cheated on her now ex husband.

The woman, who was given the fake name Emily on the show to protect her identity, admitted she cheated on her partner years ago and still finds it hard to forgive herself.

Emma Kenny regularly gives relationship advice on the show (Credit: ITV)

Even though she is a cheater, and cheated on her first husband of 13 years, she was given sympathy because she said her actions led her to a breakdown.

Emily is now with a new husband who she has been with for eight years, but said that as soon as she entered the relationship she told her partner all about the previous affair.

As a result she said the family worries she might cheat again and this has altered the way she lives her life.

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She has left jobs that involved overnight stays because of the judgement of people around her that she might cheat again.

Although her husband says he trusts her Emily doesn’t think he does.

Viewers couldn’t help but notice that although the presenters had just been disgusted by people’s tales of their cheating partners, this particular cheater was getting lots of sympathy and kindness in response.

Some of the angry tweets that viewers posted in response to the phone-in (Credit: ITV)

Holly even said: “Well done for being brave enough to talk about it but you’ve done nothing wrong.”

One viewer responded on Twitter saying: “But @hollywills she did do something wrong. She [expletive] cheated! How can she be OK but the men are utter [expletive]?”

Another tweeted: “So the men are ‘pigs’ for cheating, but with ‘Emily’ it’s ‘awww’ and poor you! Hypocrite!!! #ThisMorning.”

Oh dear, it seems This Morning can’t go a couple of days without upsetting viewers!