This Morning viewers in hysterics after Phillip Schofield puts on bright orange lipgloss

He did look pretty good...

Phillip Schofield putting bright orange lipgloss on during today’s This Morning had viewers in fits of laughter.

Co-host Holly Willoughby, 36, had a bottle of lipgloss handy and Phil, 55, was quick to grab the product and whack it all over his lips.

He then turned to the camera and showed off his best pout.

Phil showcased his best pout on camera (Credit: ITV)

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Holly said: “Let’s see? Perfect.

“Orange is definitely your colour. You’ve never looked better.”

Eager to see his new look Phil said: “I want to see it.”

As Holly burst out laughing Phil added: “That’s going to be all over the internet now!”

Holly was in hysterics over Phil’s new look (Credit: ITV)

But as the mum-of-three asked her presenting partner whether he wants to take it off, Phil was quick to say no.

He said: “No I’ll keep it on until the break. I’ve just put it on and I’m not going to waste it!”

Viewers were in hysterics and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

He said: “Phil Schofield wearing lipstick on This Morning has made my week.”

“When @Schofe wears lipgloss better than you,” said another.

A third tweeted: “@Schofe @thismorning you looked absolutely fabulous in the orange lipgloss #bluesteelpose.”

A fourth added: “@Schofe you’ve just had my 3 year old daughter Izzy in stitches putting on the lipgloss she said he looks fabulous haha.”

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And this isn’t the only time Phil has had his co-star Holly in stitches.

The pair appeared on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway to take part in the Make ‘Em Laugh segment on the show.

If you are unfamiliar with the game Holly and Phil had to try their hardest to make pals Ant and Dec burst into laughter.

So Phil took it upon himself to really push the boat out and dress up in black stockings, frilly suspenders, a red tutu and heels as Holly watched on.

Ant and Dec had to try and keep a straight face no matter what they saw.

Phil is always up for joking around on TV (Credit: ITV)

But Ant burst into fits of giggles as soon as Phil placed his leg on the table between them.

Phil’s daughter Molly was watching and seemed pretty mortified having to watch her father wearing that.

“Oh dear God,” she tweeted. Phil later replied: “Sorry Molls… I’ll change before I come home” alongside laughing emojis.