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Thursday 9th July 2020

This Morning viewers ‘heartbroken’ as grandmother breaks down over being in lockdown

She can't leave the house because of her health conditions

Viewers of This Morning were left emotional when a woman broke down in tears over the coronavirus lockdown.

A viewer called Michelle called in to get advice from agony aunt Deirdre Sanders.

Michelle explained she's struggling not being able to leave her flat and see her grandchildren.

A woman broke down in tears on This Morning over the coronavirus lockdown (Credit: ITV)

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What did she say?

She tearfully said: "I'm isolating for 12 weeks because of my health conditions.

"I'm finding it really hard because I'm always with my family and I've recently had to move out of my house I had for 35 years due to a divorce.

"Now, I'm in a little flat and I've never really liked it but if I could get out I was alright."

Speaking about not seeing her grandchildren, Michelle continued: "One of them was staying over because my daughter had a new job.

"It's been really hard not seeing him and I don't like my own company.

Michelle said she's struggling not seeing her grandchildren (Credit: ITV)

"I recently keep hearing that people like me will have to stay in until there's a vaccine which is over a year and I can't do that," as she broke down.

Deidre told her: "I really feel for you Michelle. I haven't seen my grandchildren for a couple of months now.

"Get your daughter or son help you set up a WhatsApp group directly with the children.

I'm finding it really hard because I'm always with my family.

"Can you also set up a practical thing you can do? You could order a doll's head online and you start making the doll's clothes and keep the children in touch.

"It's trying to establish that direct link that will give you something to do and you feel directly in touch with them."

This Morning viewers were emotional over Michelle's struggles (Credit: ITV)

Michelle also revealed she's "not allowed" to leave her home because of her health conditions.

She said: "I'm not allowed to leave the flat and that's what I'm finding most difficult.

"Letters from my doctors and consultants said I mustn't leave the flat or having any face-to-face contact."

Deidre gives advice

Deidre said: "My husband has conditions as well he is managing to go out and go for a walk where he sees nobody."

Host Ruth Langsford asked whether there were other things Michelle could do if she's been advised to stay indoors.

Deidre said: "There's phone lines setting up befriending communities. Reach out, there is support out there. Set up regular calls with your family."

What have viewers said?

One person said on Twitter: "This woman, Michelle, crying on the phone to Deidre on #ThisMorning saying that she cannot take another day of isolation is breaking my heart.

"I cannot express how much I relate to the pain & desperation in her voice."

Another wrote: "Oh this poor woman."

A third added: "This lady on @thismorning is breaking my heart.

"If you know Michelle set her up a little Facebook group or something where we can all have a chat & keep her company, loneliness is a terrible thing."

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