This Morning viewers brand dreams expert a fake and said he was “talking garbage”

They don't believe a word he says

If you tuned into This Morning today you might have seen the interesting segment about dreams and nightmares.

Well, we say it was interesting, but This Morning viewers found it all a shambles and said the dream expert who was invited on the show was “making it up” when he analysed viewers’ dreams.

Eamonn and Ruth listened intently to what Ian was saying (Credit: ITV)

Ian Wallace was at the centre of a phone in where people called into the show to explain the strange dreams they had had, and as he is the dreams expert he had to analyse them and tell them exactly what their dreams meant.

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The expert said we spend around two hours a night dreaming and have up to five dreams per night, and explained that dreams are a way of processing our emotions.

One caller said she kept having a recurring dream where her mouth was full of grit and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get the sand/grit out.

Ian said: “When you dream about your mouth it’s all about how you communicate in waking life and anything to do with grit or sand indicates dryness – it’s like a desert. So you need to have some more emotion in the way that you communicate.

Ian had to analyse a few outlandish dreams on today’s show (Credit: ITV)

“Maybe you communicate too drily in waking life or you hide your emotions from other people. So to get your emotions moving, to get your communication moving don’t be afraid to be more emotional in how you speak to other people.”

When Ruth asked the viewer: “Do you find it hard sometimes communicating, saying what you mean?” the viewer said: “Not really, no.” Awkward!

Ian tried to expand on his point and said: “You might communicate in quite a gritty or dry way and what you really need to do is be more intuitive and more emotional.”

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinion that the dream expert was in fact a fake who was ‘talking garbage’. One person tweeted: “I’m sorry but this ‘expert’ on #ThisMorning is full of [bleep].”

The dreams expert explained that dreams are a way of processing emotions (Credit: ITV)

Lots of other viewers had similar opinions, with a second saying: “#thismorning he’s making it up as he goes along,” and another said: “I had a dream that #ThisMorning had some stupid “dream” related segment with some guy talking utter garbage about dreams.”

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Another caller had an outlandish dream she wanted analysed by the expert of “chickens dressed as enemy soldiers trying to shoot me” which caused some repressed laughter from Ruth especially, as she struggled to hold in the giggles.

Ian’s answer to this particular dream was: “So anytime you dream about chickens you’re dreaming about your courage. Rather than being fearful about something and being chicken about it you’ve maybe got some fertile plan that you’re trying to hatch.

“The chickens being dressed as soldiers suggests you aren’t giving yourself the authority to go ahead with this fertile plan that you’re trying to hatch.”

What do you think about the dreams expert?