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This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller under fire over ‘stressful’ Halloween pet segment

It featured a 'dogwalk' of spooky costumes for pets

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller was in viewers’ bad books today (October 15) as they hit out over a “stressful” pet segment.

Dr Scott was on with hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary to front a “spooky and safe” Halloween pet dressing up segment.

However, although some viewers said the dogs looked cute, many others took the opposing view.

One even went so far as to claim it promoted “misery” for dogs.

this morning vet
This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller came under fire for his Halloween pet dressing up segment (Credit: ITV)

What did viewer say about This Morning vet Dr Scott?

Opinion was pretty divided over the segment that took place towards the end of the show.

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Other than a couple of swooning comments about Dr Scott and the puppies, the This Morning vet came under fire for parading dogs in “daft costumes”.

One viewer commented: “I can’t believe that the vet is encouraging this [bleep]. Your dog is not an accessory to dress up.”

“Poor dogs being paraded in daft costumes,” another agreed.

this morning vet
One of the dogs dressed as a spider on the show today (Credit: ITV)

This Morning vet under fire: ‘Whatever next!’

A third declared: “Surprised at a vet promoting misery for dogs.”

“They have coats for a reason,” said another.

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“Putting more on them just makes them hot. I would never dress my dogs up in human outfits for my own pleasure. Whatever next!!!” they added.

“Seriously, what the hell are you doing to these bloody dogs?!” slammed another. “Just nauseating.”

“Hate this kind of thing. Dogs and cats don’t wear clothes – how stressful for them.

“All this for adult entertainment and attention. Let them just be dogs!” declared another.

Another viewer also commented: “This dog man should know better.”

“If you dress your dog up for Halloween you’re an idiot,” another declared.

‘Whoever thought of this segment needs a payrise’

However, some viewers were a little more open minded about the light-hearted segment.

One said: “It is cute! But I don’t understand why you would want to dress your dog up in costumes. That’s not what dogs are for.”

Another was fully on board with the idea, though.

They tweeted: “Whoever came up with the idea to have the dogs being models on @thismorning needs a pay rise! More please!”

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