This Morning star Phillip Schofield experimented with drink and drugs early in career

He makes the claims in new autobiography

This Morning host Phillip Schofield has revealed he experimented with drink and drugs in the early days of his TV career.

In front of the camera, Phillip was very much viewed as being squeaky-clean as he found fame on kids’ TV.

However, speaking in his new autobiography, behind the scenes, it was a very different story.

The 58-year-old This Morning star revealed that he simply “couldn’t be bound by squeaky-clean restrictions” earlier on in his career.

Phillip said he had a few wild days in his youth (Credit: Splash News)

What did This Morning star Phillip Schofield say in his tell-all book?

In his autobiography Life’s What You Make It, Phillip said he tried marijuana when he was younger.

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Serialised in The Sun, he said: “Children’s presenters were expected to be squeaky clean. I couldn’t be bound by those restrictions.”

He went onto say that he tried cannabis but didn’t like it.

Children’s presenters were expected to be squeaky clean. I couldn’t be bound by those restrictions.

Trying his first joint in New Zealand, he said that it didn’t suit him – although it did put a smile on his face.

“On the rare occasions I’ve tried it, it has either made me sick, or made me feel like I have been darted with a tranquilliser.”

He goes on to say that booze was much more his thing. So much so, he “relied on bar staff to never rat him out to the press or BBC bosses”.

phillip schofield this morning
Phillip opened up about a passionate love affair (Credit: ITV)

What else did Phillip get up to in his younger days?

He also detailed a passionate heterosexual love affair he had in his teens with an older woman called Madeline.

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Living in northwest London by this time, he said: “I was seeing an older lady in Swiss Cottage called Madeline who was fascinating. I felt like I was in The Graduate, an older lady and an 18-­year-­old, and she taught me things.”

Phillip came out as gay at the start of this year.

What other stories are in his book?

In the book, Phillip also detailed the time he saved his dad’s life after a heart attack.

Describing the trauma, he explained his dad had a heart attack in his chair and, pulling him from the chair to the floor, Phillip realised he was “dead”.

After giving him CPR, he was taken to hospital and survived the attack.

However, sadly he passed away in 2008 from a long-standing heart condition.

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