This Morning sex education debate and Catholic campaigner’s “homophobic” remark sparks Twitter row

Caroline Farrow's views on compulsory sex education riled some ITV viewers

A fiery debate on This Morning about teaching sex education in schools sparked a row on Twitter today.

Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow appeared alongside human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell on Friday’s show to discuss whether sex education should become a compulsory subject in schools.

Farrow disagreed with plans to introduce it to kids as young as five, calling it “abusive”. She also enraged viewers with her remarks on seeing same-sex couples kissing.

Peter Tatchell and Caroline Farrow appeared on the show to talk about sex education in schools (Credit: ITV)

“Some people don’t like the idea of two men kissing and that doesn’t mean they’re homophobic or that they hate gay people,” she said.

Her comments soon sparked a flurry of responses from gobsmacked viewers.

“Did This Morning hop back to 1940 to find this woman because she surely can’t be in 2019 chatting this [bleep],” one wrote.

A second commented: “Sex Ed abusive? Is this woman for real. They’re taught about their body, their feelings, protection it’s not an instruction manual on how to do it.”

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Caroline’s comments on same-sex couples kissing enraged some viewers (Credit: ITV)

A third viewer tweeted the show to say: “@thismorning As a trans person I’m appalled by this lady. ‘It’s not homophobic to dislike gay people’. Hun that’s the definition of homophobic.”

After receiving a backlash following her appearance on the show, the journalist took to Twitter to defend her opinion.

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Eamonn and Ruth didn’t seem very impressed (Credit: ITV)

“Whether or not you like a same-sex couple kissing has become today’s litmus test of morality,” she wrote. “It’s fine to find this a turn off. Stop trying to control other people’s thoughts, feelings and boundaries.”

She also responded to a This Morning viewer who said they found her comments “disgusting”.

“Absolutely disgusted to hear what you said on #ThisMorning – the levels of ‘discomfort’ should be altered not the equal education. #homophobia #lgbt,” they tweeted her following the ITV show.

Caroline replied that “it’s fine for people to have their personal boundaries.”

“Not when it’s homophobic it’s not,” the Twitter user fired back.

Caroline said: “It’s not ‘homophobic’ to find people of the same sex kissing a turn-off in the same way it’s not heterophobic to find mixed sex couples kissing a turn-off. Why should anyone be forced to feel something they don’t.”

Expressing his view, human rights campaigner and LGBT advocate Peter Tatchell told the presenters that sex education is vital.

“The aim of these lessons is pure. It’s to look after the sexual, mental and emotional health of young people,” he told Eamonn and Ruth.

“We want to cut the levels of teenage pregnancies and abortions, reduce the levels of sexual infection, stop abusive relationships. That’s what these lessons are all about.”

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