This Morning set TERRORISED by a crow… called Russell!

For the second time in two days a guest pooed on the show

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Russell Crow dropped into the This Morning studio and caused havoc.

We’re not talking about the A-list actor, though, but a crow who shares his first name.

And, after yesterday’s pooing pony, the bird left its own deposit.

Russell’s owners Helen Motteram and partner Tristen brought him on the show to talk about how he is getting in the way of their marriage.

Russell sleeps in bed with them and has become such a big part of their lives that they feel their relationship is being affected.

Holly looks to Phil for comfort as she’s quite distressed by Russell Crow (Credit: ITV)

Her husband Tristen also admitted that Russell seemed to be very protective of Helen when he first came into her life, and used to peck at him!

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During the interview the bird decided to run amok the set, flying over Holly, who looked pretty distressed.

And then it did something that would only happen on live television of course, it pooed. Phil wasn’t surprised though, after yesterday’s pony incident, and he said: “He’s just pooed on the sofa but we’re used to that.”

Helen rescued the crow who was injured on the streets (Credit: ITV)

Helen, who is an animal behaviour expert, rescued Russell after he was found injured outside an Italian restaurant.

Phil was brave enough to feed the bird a biscuit, which he pecked away at, and Helen said: “Basically if there’s no distractions he will come when called. When he wants the baby food he would fly over to me and land on my shoulder. He is shy with new things.”

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Yesterday, Britain’s first ever guide ponies came on with their owners, and just as Phil asked if they can be house trained (“horse trained” in his words) the pony called Monet let one go on the studio rug.

Holly seems quite stressed out by the situation (Credit: ITV)

Phil kept his composure, saying: “Oh there you go that’s perfect timing.” But fellow presenter Holly covered her face as she cried from laughter, and had to wipe away smudges of mascara.

Her co-host used the opportunity to slip in a bit of his usual humour saying: “I’m sure a person who had impaired sight would find that extremely useful on the kitchen rug.”

The owner, who looked apologetic, replied: “Now you’ve flummoxed me.” Awkward!