This Morning guest shocks: “Why I love my paedophile husband”

Supportive wife tried to explain her reasons for standing by him

A wife appeared on This Morning to explain why she will never leave her paedophile husband.

Gary Gibson, 65, who admits he has been aroused by girls as young as six,  previously appeared on This Morning and so the show invited his wife onto the show to discuss her decision to stay with him.

Tabitha Abel explained: “He assured me that he has done nothing. I believe this was the truth. I realise people can lie. However, I was assure by him. But that he had that attraction.”

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She added: “My background is a midwife. And really, nothing is said by patients by families that is going to shock you.

“He assured me he is not a child molestor. People are stuck on the idea that being a paedophile makes you a molester.”

Tabitha believes Gary has not acted on his attraction, but Phillip Schofield pointed out that most “find an outlet”.

“For his part, porn is not of any interest to him. Whether he is aroused while out shopping, that might be the case. But there is a difference between an attraction, and an action.”

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Gary who has three children and 10 grandchildren and once took on foster children, admitted that he “struggles” with his feelings.

Tabitha insisted there should be more help out there for people who realise they have such desires, but Phil asked: “What do you suggest society should do?

“He says he is a virtuous paedophile. Can he teach others not to act?”

Tabitha added: “There are many councillors who will work with people like this who are seeking help. Many of these are young kids who are exploring their sexuality and are horrified to find they’re attracted to children. These young people need help.”

The segment of the daytime show sent Twitter into meltdown with viewers slamming the lady for standing by her husband.

One furious viewer wrote: “How is that woman sitting there so calmly and saying that her husband is attracted to little girls and admits he’s a peadophile. (sic)”

Another posted: “An attraction is different?! She’s disgusting. Her and her husband want locking up. Absolutely horrific”.

Mark Williams Thomas, an expert explained: “There are people out there who have a sexual attraction and don’t act on it.

“What you have to do is reduce the access and opportunity. Some treatment programs do work.”