This Morning guest reveals post-natal psychosis made her think her baby was dead

Hannah Faulkner had to be sectioned after giving birth to her daughter

On Thursday’s instalment of This Morning, a children’s nurse said that she once thought she was God after giving birth to her daughter.

Hannah Faulkner, who is now pregnant with her second child recalled the traumatic time where she thought her baby was dead, before being sectioned.

The 29-year-old was sent to a mental health ward for four months after claiming that her 11-week-old daughter Esther had died, and then come back from the dead.

Hannah and Andy Faulkner appeared on the show to talk about postpartum psychosis (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

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Her husband Andy, 31, joined her on the sofa to talk to presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about what happened.

Recalling what she did, she said: “I started telling Andy and my dad that everyone on Britain’s Got Talent was well-liked by Jesus and that I wanted to marry one of the blokes on there because he was so nice.

“Dad and Andy asked me what I was going on about, and I became really angry with them.”

At one point, Hannah believed that she was God (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

A few days later, her condition worsened. She added: “I told Andy that God had told me Esther was going to die at 12pm that day, but it was okay because she would come back from the dead.

“He was a little confused, but when 11.55am came I rang Esther’s consultant, hysterical, and at 12pm I just collapsed to the lounge floor screaming in a foetal position.

“I barely took in a breath because I was crying and shouting so much. I was convinced our daughter had died.”

“I was sleeping on and off, manic and just doing too much.”

The mum-of-one also admitted to thinking that her daughter was going to die (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

Hannah was calmed down, but talking fast and “singing ‘praise Jesus'” and throwing her hands in the year.

She was later admitted to Melbury Lodge, a mental health hospital in Winchester, and tried to escape twice.

“I tried to escape twice by pressing the fire alarm before they sectioned me. I was really scared of what my mind was going to do,” she said.

“I was desperate to watch a Disney film, but when Andy brought me Tarzan, I believed I was actually Jane and he was Tarzan.”

Despite being worried about the next pregnancy, Hannah has the best tools to help her (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

After two months in the hospital, her anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication wasn’t working.

She even said that she tried to take her own life. “I felt scared about what I might do”, the mum said.

Then doctors suggested that she tried ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), which sends an electric current through the brain to spur on an epileptic seizure.

After six weeks of therapy, Hannah said it “saved her life”.

Andy thinks his wife is “amazing and a fantastic mum” (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

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Andy added: “I thought I understood mental health before Hannah got ill.

“But I didn’t know what postpartum psychosis was or even recognise my own wife, she was that bad.

“People said ‘why didn’t you just leave her’, but Hannah is such an amazing woman and a fantastic mum, so loving and kind. When we got married, we made a vow, and I was determined to keep it.”

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