This Morning fans outraged over woman who married a serial bigamist

Mary Turner Thompson was on the show to talk about being conned by her ex-husband

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed Mary Turner Thompson on today’s This Morning about the horror moment she found out her husband wasn’t who he said he was.

After marrying William Jordan, who claimed to be a CIA agent, Mary found out William was living multiple lives with five fiances, two wives and 13 children from all across the world.

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Speaking about William, who has a criminal conviction for child sex offences, Mary told Phil and Holly: “I believe he is a psychopath.

“To him we are all Sims characters. We are there to be manipulated.

“He will never stop.”

Mary also revealed the moment William’s other wife contacted her, she said: “I got a phone call from the other wife. She said ‘I’m the other Mrs Jordan’.

“We sat down and spoke for 12 hours and compared our children who looked very similar.”

Host Holly explained to viewers that William had been sentenced to 21 months for bigamy, another 21 months for fraud and nine months for firearms.

Mary told the presenters she “lived in absolute terror” after William had told her people “had found out where we lived and were blackmailing us”.

She added: “They were saying that if we didn’t come up with money these people would steal the children and rip bits off them and send them through the post unless we came up with the money to pay them off.

“I sold everything I had.”

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The show also video-linked to America to speak to Mischelle Lewis, another of William’s victims.

But viewers watching from home didn’t show much sympathy for either woman.

One wrote on Twitter: “If some one tells you they’re a spy you can guarantee thats exactly what they aren’t #ThisMorning [sic].”

“If you fall for the lie “I’m a spy” you deserve this #thismorning,” said another.

A third tweeted: “Why do women fall for that line “I’m a spy” #thismorning.”

A fourth added: “He was a spy, course he was love #ThisMorning.”

While others were shocked at the horrific story.

One wrote: “5 fiancées and 2 wives?! One woman is more than enough for me! #ThisMorning.”

“Omg this guy on #ThisMorning 5 fiancees, 2 wives and 13 children!!! @thismorning Poor women,” said another.

Mary has since set up an online support group for victims of William.