This Morning fans in meltdown over wannabe Barbie’s extreme look

Over 11,000 twitter users were talking about Martina

This Morning viewers have been thrown into complete meltdown over a guest’s “pound shop Barbie doll” appearance.

Barbie wannabe Martina was on the morning talk show to showcase her extremely over the top look.

And fans were left gobsmacked after she revealed she has tanning injections to make her skin darker.

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As Martina, who confessed to spending several hours a day tanning, joined hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford she admitted to being “desperate to get darker skin”.

She explained: “For a long time I wanted to have crispy brown holiday skin.”

Eamonn then asked: “So you think you’ve got better looking?”

To which Martina, 28, replied: “Yes.”

The hosts showed a shot of her before she’d begun injecting herself, a process which is illegal in the UK. Martina has also had breast enlargement surgery.

After her stint on the show was trailed up, viewers were already talking about the “tanning addict” before she had even had her chat with Eamonn and Ruth.

One wrote: “I AM DEAD AT THIS!!!!! Holy mother of god, what even is this?!?!?! #ThisMorning.”

“Tanning addict? I see a car wreck #ThisMorning,” another added.

A third exclaimed: “”I want to look like Barbie.” Jeez is that before or after Barbie was thrown in the bonfire? Ffs she needs help! #thismorning.”

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“‘I want to look like Barbie’ – modelled on a Barbie that’s been attacked with felt-tip pens by a 3 yr old #ThisMorning,” a fourth said.

Some fans were even questioning whether she had painted her skin with “dark oak” or “mahogany” paint.

One wrote: “Is she going for a dark oak or mahogany finish on her face? #thismorning.”