This Morning fans disgusted with parents who let their young children get ‘tattoos’

Tiana, five, and Bobby, six, showed off their temporary tats on the show

Nikki and Joanne appeared on Thursday’s This Morning to talk about their controversial decision to let their children get tattoos.

Well, not real tats of course, just temporary ones that can be washed off after a few days.

But viewers weren’t happy with the mums’ decisions to get their tots inked.

Nikki and Joanne were on the show alongside their children to talk about their temporary tats (Credit: ITV)

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Ruth asked Tiana: “Why did you want a tattoo?”

To which the youngster said: “I wanted a tattoo because my mum looks really pretty.

“I want a real one but with not a needle.”

Defending the decision to let her daughter be tattooed Nikki told the hosts: “It is what it is.

Tiana, five, has a full sleeve of ink (Credit: ITV)

“She can’t get one before she’s old enough so she’s not going to get one. It doesn’t bother us. She just wants to be like me.

“And I just think there’s no harm it in, it washes off it’s not permanent. It’s not harming her.”

Eamonn went on to ask Bobby’s mum Joanne: “Are you imposing your love of tattoos on him?”

Joanne replied: “Not really because he’s never really mentioned anything about mine. It’s really just a bit of fun for him.

“It’s a new experience for him to enjoy.”

Bobby, six, was proud to show off his tattoos (Credit: ITV)

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But some fans were mortified with one ranting on Twitter: “Did I hear that right? 5 year olds who have tattoo’s!! Really!! #ThisMorning.”

“The tattoo thing is just so wrong let kids have the transfers by all means but full fake sleeves is to much & very tacky/Chavy #ThisMorning,” another said.

A third tweeted: “Some people’s style of parenting is abysmal. Who lets their child have a full sleeve of fake tattoos #ThisMorning.”

A fourth wrote: “#ThisMorning Tattoos are awful on anyone-let alone little kids! It’s all attention seeking ‘LOOK AT ME’.”

Meanwhile others didn’t see the problem with the children’s ink.

One user said: “I don’t understand how a child having a temporary tattoo is a bad example? Tattoos are not bad and they look really good! #ThisMorning.”

One wrote: “If there is no harm in temporary tattoos, then why not? #ThisMorning.”

“No harm in kids having these spray on tattoo. No different then kids having their faces painted. #ThisMorning #totswithtattoos,” another added.

A third wrote: “Oh STOP it, when me and my brother were little we loved transfer tattoos!! But neither us have got tattoos now. It’s just fun!! #ThisMorning.”