This Morning couple accused of shaking baby “felt like animals”

The couple were accused of shaking their baby girl

Craig Stillwell and Carla Andrews appeared on This Morning on Monday to share their heartbreaking story.

The couple were wrongly accused of abusing their baby daughter resulting in her being taken away from them for almost nine months.

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The parents explained how they took their daughter to the hospital after she was repeatedly vomiting and had a seizure.

But Craig and Carla were left “feeling like animals” after hospital staff accused them of shaking their newborn after she was found with a bleed on the brain.

Carla told the hosts: “It was when we got to the hospital they didn’t say much to us they just did tests.

“And then they came back and said she had a bleed.”

Holly, 36, then said: “And that’s when it all unfolded, this nightmare.

“Within 12 hours detectives arrived at the hospital.”

Craig then went on to reveal that they were both arrested and ended up being questioned by police for almost nine hours.

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It was then revealed that their daughter was taken away from them and put in foster care while the investigation went on.

The couple were only allowed to see their little girl three times a week.

Carla said: “We felt like animals. For those few months it felt like she wasn’t really our daughter anymore and that she belonged to someone else.

“I felt like she might forget that we’re her parents.”

Viewers watching from home were outraged over the shocking story with one tweeting: “No way, so wrong, how can such a sweet loving couple be accused liked that #thismorning.”

“Aww! That poor lass looks terrified. I feel so sorry for this couple. #thismorning,” said another.

A third added: “#ThisMorning feel so sorry for this couple. Well done you two for getting through this and showing so much courage.”

A fourth wrote: “Poor woman looks really nervous. Fee l sorry for the couple having gone through all that #Thismorning.”