This Morning accidentally airs huge Coronation Street spoiler

It's just made us even more excited

Eva’s wedding – will she/won’t she marry Aidan? – is set to be one of Corrie’s biggest soap plots of the year.

Fans have known for months that she is planning to stitch up the groom, secretly knowing all about his affair with so-called pal Maria.

As the big day draws closer – the episodes air next week! – This Morning’s resident soap expert Sharon Marshall treated viewers to an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

The producers had gone to the effort of removing the sound to ensure nothing major about the plot was given away.

But there was a little slip-up!

A scene showing Eva in her wedding frock walking to meet Aidan at the venue was shown.

The clip saw Eva looking stunning (Credit: ITV)

Sharon introduced the clip, saying: “There’s no sound on this so if you can lip read you may get to know a little more about the storyline.

“Everyone is waiting at the church, this is just a rehearsal but there may be one little clue coming up that I’m allowed to show you.”

Look who’s here! (Credit: ITV)

Maria can then be seen storming up the aisle looking furious and wagging her finger.

S’all kicking off (Credit: ITV)

Holly, watching alongside co-host Phil, quipped: “That is a big clue.”

Sharon then said she was in “big trouble” for teasing a little too much of the drama.

To be fair, a showdown with Maria shouldn’t really come as any surprise to big fans of the show.

We still don’t know what she has got to say for herself, though – we need to brush up on those lip-reading skills.

What we loved more about this behind-the-scenes exclusive was actress Faye Brookes – who plays Kate Connor – apparently sniffing her armpits.

Just ‘avin’ a check! (Credit: ITV)

Maybe the tension of the occasion was getting to her, too!

Tying the know after all the drama? (Credit: ITV)

Will Eva and Aidan go through with the wedding? Tune in Monday, September 18, to find out!

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