This Hollywood A-lister has won Hallowe’en with this incredible costume

He's famous for his tough guy action hero roles, but Bruce Willis shows a very different side as he dresses up

It has been decided that Bruce Willis has officially won Hallowe’en, after the Hollywood star was snapped in the most incredible costume.

The 62-year-old film icon might be famous for all his tough guy roles, but it was dressing as a young girl that had everyone raving.

To be fair, there are not many action heroes who can pull off long brown ringlets and a blue satin dress with white frills.

Especially if teamed with white knee-high socks, black t-bar shoes and a blue flower in their hair.

Oh, and a beard.

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Die Hard star Bruce dressed had dressed up as one of the creepy Grady twins from the horror film The Shining.

He enlisted his assistant Stephen J. Eads to play the other twin. And they made quite the pair, both with matching silvery grey beards.

And having a full head of hair must have been quite the change for Bruce, who has been bald for years.

Bruce had dressed up to attend the party of his friend M. Night Shyamalan, who directed him in ghostly film The Sixth Sense.

They are currently working on Glass, a new film due for release in 2019 which is a sequel to their 2000 movie Unbreakable.

And it was Bruce’s pal Samuel L Jackson – who co-starred with him in Die Hard With A Vengeance – who shared the picture online.

Sam tweeted the hilarious snap, with the caption: “Come play with us, Danny. We can play forever & ever & ever!”

In The Shining – the classic 1980 horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick, and starring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance – the young twin girls were ghosts in a haunted hotel.

They appear in a key scene where Danny (Jack’s son, who has psychic powers) meets them in a corridor and they ask him to stay and play with him “forever and ever and ever.”

Danny is also haunted by visions of their butchered bodies. And the characters have long been associated with one of the scariest screen moments.

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Not quite as scary when it’s a 62-year-old men wearing the pretty dress. Although still strangely sinister.

Bravo, Bruce – we salute you.