Third time lucky? Cheryl wedding plans ‘underway’ as Liam buys ring

We'd better go and buy a hat!

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It looks like Cheryl could be walking down the aisle for the third time!

Even though her divorce to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini was only finalised last week, it has been revealed that her boyfriend Liam Payne bought a ring three weeks ago.

A source close to the couple told Now magazine: “Liam’s still young enough to believe that true love conquers all and he bought the ring weeks ago.

“He’s also old-fashioned enough to want any baby to have a mum and dad who are married.

“It is absolutely essential to him that in the future his children’s surname on a birth certificate is Payne.”

Has Liam just confirmed that Chezza IS pregnant AND he is going to propose?


The source added: “Make no mistake, he took a personal interest in making sure Cheryl’s divorce went through smoothly.”

Cheryl is keen to put her previous rocky relationships behind her, and according to the insider is already in “full bridezilla” mode.

The insider continued: “She’s determined to make a statement this time around and has her heart set on a beach wedding or a private island.”

How perfect does that sound?!

However, Liam has confessed he has been having doubts due to Cheryl’s relationship history.

She married JB in 2014 but their marriage quickly broke down and they split a year later.

The One Direction star does not want history to repeat itself.

The source said: “He’s been having nightmares about being jilted at the alter or Cheryl getting bored of him.”

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“That’s one reason why Liam is throwing so much money on the relationship.

“He’s spent as much on a house and the wedding is going to be something to behold.”

Although the couple have not confirmed anything yet, the guest list is already coming together according to the source.

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“With Pharrell Williams and on the guest list, it’s hard to imagine the wedding being anything other than the party of the century.”

That is one wedding we would LOVE to attend!

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